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  1. Hi, as the title suggests, this is going to take a while. I don't have spare money laying around so a kit is out of the question. I'm going to source everything myself. This is actually something I like doing. So, the actual build state is as follows : I bought the extrusions (In Poland, great quality and price) and am now in the process of tapping and drilling. Not very exciting I'm afraid, although I did design and print a few very simple jigs for drilling holes. I have no experience in printing ABS, always having printed in PLA and PETG. I tried with an enclosure for my trusted Ender 3 but hated the smell and the results were below par. So I decided to take advantage of the Voron PIF program, but since this is a slow build anyways I'll wait till the Stealthburner is officially the goto toolhead. As soon as the screws arrive from Ali I'll start assembling the frame.
  2. Big box at my door with Chinese all over it , what could it be ? I've been planning this build since I discovered Voron shortly after being gifted a very old Ender 3 which led to purchasing a CR6se which in turn led to modding the crap out of it so it could print the parts for the big box at my door. 4 months ago I'd never even seen an fdm printer in person and today I'm building what is quite possibly the coolest robot around. Mistakes coming , lessons to be learned, thank God for discord. Here goes everything....
  3. Version 2022.04.06


    HEPA Filter Exhaust for Voron 1.x/2.x I've designed a new exhaust which uses a 120x120x25 mm fan and HEPA filters (compatible with MELEDEN, RIGOGLIOSO, JINPUS and LTLKY air purifiers). This is a direct replacement for the stock air exhaust system. Configured in Klipper to power the fan at 50%, and coupled with the nevermore micro, this seems to add to negative air pressure in the chamber and have a noticeable impact on reducing fumes, while only reducing chamber temperature by a couple of degrees C at the exhaust port. Bill of Materials New Parts 1x 120x120x25mm fan such as Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-2000. (note that I have an adjustable voltage on my control board, but make sure your fan matches the voltage for your system.) HEPA Filter such as Nispira True HEPA Filter Replacement with Activated Carbon Parts from Voron BOM Parts here are already listed in the Voron 1.x (Trident)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    StealthOrbiter This mod aims to mount the orbiter V2.0 extruder to the stealthburner assembly. In addition, it incorporates the Orbiter filament sensor to enable support for the ERCF. In addition, it also includes a canbus toolhead mount (BTT EBB36 board for now). If you would instead prefer to use a cable chain, spacelab_2021 has developed a cable chain mount that attaches to the back of the orbiter motor here: https://www.teamfdm.com/files/file/485-orbiter-2-clockwork-beta/ Development Roadmap 1)[COMPLETE] Initial release! 2)Add cable shroud. 3)Incorporate fan into cable shroud (cooling canbus toolhead stepper). 4)Design version of orbiter mount with cable chain attachment. Installation Instructions coming soon? Acknowledgments - spacelab_2021, for providing the starting point I used in developing this mod
  5. Have had my MK3s for a couple years now and while waiting for their next product decided to try my hand at a Vorn, just couldn't pass up the opportunity after seeing so many videos demonstrating the print quality and the speed... oh the speed. Chose the Trident mainly because I saw someone was tinkering with idex. Did a lot of looking (searching) for kits and ended up ordering the kit from Fabreeko, communication before even considering the purchase was awesome and very refreshing... hopefully the rest of the Voron community is just as nice. No experience printing ABS on my current printer so decided to order printed parts, this in itself was an experience because the options on the Trident are wide and I had no idea what "configuration" I needed to order for the printed parts (direct drive vs bowden, CW1 or CW2, AB or SB, PCB, control board... you know the drill. Luckily this is one of the areas where Fabreeko shined and basically listed out what options I needed to select. Started watching build videos on the day I ordered, initial thought was WTH am I doing, but after revisiting videos the picture got much clearer. Have had printer kit for a week-ish now so built the frame and started loading software on my raspberri pi. Did I say I built the frame? Did I say how I love the blind joints? I'm glad I built the frame before getting printed parts or I feel I would have rushed things a bit... those darn blind joints are a PITA.... get things to what appear to be just right, tighten it down and crap.. it shifted. Loosen a bit, get things re-aligned, tighten down... crap... it shifted. I probably revisited the frame 4 times over a week's time, but the result is nice. I keep having dreams (not really) of whether or not my screws are tight enough for the long hall and have to catch myself periodically to not touch it.... so we'll see how long I can last. Printed parts are supposed to be in tomorrow so this weekend will be a fun one. Didn't take many pics initially, but here is a taste.
  6. Version 2022.07.20


    Revo_Nozzle_Skirt A Revo nozzle box hidden in a Voron Trident skirt. Compatible with 250/300/350 Tridents. 250 - 2 Nozzles each 300 - 4 Nozzles each 350 - 5 Nozzles each Bill Of Materials 2x 6mm x 3mm Round Magnet 2x M3 Heat-set insert 2x M3x8 BHCS Instructions Print a Skirt and Nozzle Holder the appropriate size for your printer. the A version is for the front-left and back-right corners. and the B version is for the other 2 corners. install the 2 heat-set inserts into the ends of nozzle-holder part. install 1 magnet in the skirt, and one in the nozzle-holder such that they attract eachother when the door is installed. insert the nozzle holder into the skirt and fasten with 2 M3x8 BHCS Remove the stock skirt piece from your trident and install the new one in it's place.
  7. Version 2022.07.24


    C17 -EXT-CARTRIDGE, HEPA Carbon filter The C17-EXT-CARTRIDGE is designed to be used with the C17-EXT HEPA Carbon filter. This is a first publication, although all parts has been tested, there may be errors do not hesitate to contact me. Assembly Manual BOMs The list of parts is described in the manual. HEPA 13 Filter Use HEPA 13 filters from 10mm to 18mm thick. The best is to find a HEPA 13 filter for vacuum cleaner and cut it with a cutter. The references change according to the country. I tested this one after cutting: The best but I do not find the reference in other countries: Amazon.fr Aliexpress 1 Aliexpress 2 Carbon WARNING : Although the C17-EXT does not return treated air to the printer enclosure, use Acid-free Activated Carbon (Coconuts for example : amazon) ! Credits The C17-EXT Activated Carbon Filter was modelled in Fusion 360. Contributing A complaint is a gift. Please, help me to improve the C17-EXT-CARTRIDGE ! License Distributed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) Contact Discord: OboMaker3D#0669 - () Acknowledgements The Voron Dev Team
  8. Version 2022.07.24


    C17 -EXT, External HEPA Carbon filter The C17-EXT filter replaces the standard filter of the Voron 2.4 and to add one on the Switchwire . It has a 120mm fan and can use the C17-EXT-Cartridge filter (HEPA 13 and Carbon) or commercial HEPA Carbon filters. This is a first publication, although all parts has been tested, there may be errors do not hesitate to contact me. 2 configurations With adapter for standard back panel Voron With specific back panel For the Switchwire model only configuration 2 is possible. 2 options to replace the grid Assembly Manual BOMs The list of parts is described in the manual according to the chosen configuration. Fan For the 120mm fan, follow the recommendations in the documentation. 3 models: Efficient but noisy, the best choice (4000 rpm) : Aquatuning Alphacool 24810 ES (tested) Less powerful but quieter (3000 rpm) : Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM (tested, acceptable for commercial cartridges) Less powerful but quieter (3000 rpm) : Sunon MEC0251V1-000U-A99 (Not tested) If you find other models at 4000 rpm, please send me the references. Filter cartridge Two possibilities : Using the C17-EXT-CARTRIDGE Use a commercial cartridge : Alveo3D Credits The C17-EXT Activated Carbon Filter was modelled in Fusion 360. Contributing A complaint is a gift. Please, help me to improve the C17-EXT filter ! License Distributed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) Contact Discord: OboMaker3D#0669 - () Acknowledgements The Voron Dev Team
  9. Version 2022.05.09


    Horseshoe Spool Holder This is a method to mount the filament spool inside the enclosure of a Voron Trident 3d printer, or outside a V0, V1 or V2 printer. It works with 200mm, 1kg spools only. For mounting internally in the Trident, the ptfe tube is installed as shown: up through the gap in the side of the rear extrusion. Alternately you could drill a 4mm hole though the B stepper mount top and bottom parts. To install the spool: Feed the filament through the ptfe first, then align the spool into the front and top bearing rings, and pull forward to spring the frame and drop into the rear bearing ring. BOM: 3 608 bearings (any type) 2 M5-8mm (pan/socket) head bolts and 2 M5-Tnuts for 2020 extrusion only OR 4 M3-8mm (pan/socket) head bolts and 4 M3-Tnuts for 1515 extrusion 3 - M3-8mm bolts (pan/socket) Internal Version for Trident only Print PlasticBolt(x3) and use a m3-8mm PH or SH bolt to secure the pin in place. External version for V0, V1, V2 Print ShortPlasticBolt(3x) and use a m3-8mm PH or SH bolt to secure the pin in place. Please provide feedback for issues/suggestions to #Logan2225 on VoronDesign Discord. Thanks!
  10. I've been accumulating parts over the last few months for the new Trident, choosing every part myself. I went with a Formbot kit for my 1st, the 300 Voron2.4. Needless to say, buying the kit required all the cash up front. I was so excited to build another, I began buying parts a little at a time. It was much easier on the wallet. Shortly after I had purchased the most expensive parts, I decided to retire. Now I have plenty of time to build it. As of this post, I am short one important component. I ordered a wire harness from KB3D 6 weeks ago. It has not yet shipped. I was informed last week that I am #10 in the queue at Linneo, so it should be shipping from Spain soon...-ish. Anyway, the first part I ordered was the frame. I got it from a FYSETC store on AliExpress for about $65. The price is higher now, especially for shipping, but I happened to catch a pre-sale deal. All extrusions were the correct length, holes pre-drilled and tapped, and came individually wrapped in a thin foam. They also came with hardware for assembly, which I did use. That became step one this morning. I have avoided AliExpress when possible, but some things are either very hard to find or the price difference is hard to ignore. T-nuts were one of those items. I mostly followed the sourcing guide on the Voron Configurator. All the motors are LDO from KB3D. Day 1 is over. The frame is together and squared up completely. Over the past few months, I have printed several sets of parts in ABS and ASA in a few different colors. I'm having trouble deciding. lol. I'm going to sleep on it. Wish me luck. (To Be Continued)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    BOM Part NO. Qty LCSC Conn_01x03 2 C131339 WS2812-2020 12 C965555 Assembly Order the pcb at e.g. pcbway or jlcpcb (you need two for one printer) Order the parts at e.g. lcsc Print the new skirts (You WILL need supports) Print the new logo inserts (You WILL need supports) in the meantime, assemble the pcb Push in the new logo inserts in your skirts Push the PCB into the logo insert, no additional fastening required Wire up the pcbs to your controller Add them as normal neopixels to your config [neopixel my_skirts] pin: YOUR_NEOPIXEL_PIN chain_count: 24 initial_RED: 1.0 https://github.com/Gi7mo/TridentSkirtLights/raw/main/Images/Assembly.png https://github.com/Gi7mo/TridentSkirtLights/raw/main/Images/trident-skirt-lights.gif Notes This project does not come with any warranty, if you choose to build/use one, you are doing this at your own risk!
  12. Version 2021.10.01


    Orbiter Clockwork Module This Clockwork module allows the use of the Orbiter v1.5 Extruder in the Voron Afterburner. Features One of the main issues I observed when using the orbiter was a lack of a quick filament release in addition to a lack of a suitable clockwork adapter that would swap an orbiter directly into the Afterburner ecosystem. Many of the issues observed were addressed with this Clockwork Module. This version provides a chain anchor for the Voron 2.4 and the Switchwire, a Cable Cover, and a quick filament release lever. Bill of Materials (BOM) Quantity Name Type 1 Orbiter v1.5 Extruder Orbiter Thingiverse link Hardware 9 M3 Heat Set Inserts McMaster Link Hardware 94180A331 or suitable inserts (Thread Pitch 0.5, Installed Length 3.8mm, Diameter ~5mm) 1 M3x8mm SHCS Hardware 1 M3x16 SHCS Hardware 2 M3x20 SHCS Hardware 1 PTFE 45mm (Dragon) Hardware 1 Clockwork Adaptor - Front Printable 1 Clockwork Adaptor - Back Printable 1 Cable/Connector Cover Printable 1 Filament Quick Release Printable 1 Chain Anchor (Version for Voron 1.8/Trident/2.4 and Switchwire) Printable Assembly Guide Orbiter Clockwork Assembly Guide Orbiter Clockwork Module Images Release History Version 1.0 Orbiter Clockwork Adaptor has been verified to fit and function on a Voron 2.4 and a Switchwire. Additional testing may be required to fix any minor or major issues that are identified in the future. If you observed any issues, please create an issue so it can be tracked.
  13. Version 2021.10.09


    Afterburner LGX Useful links, info, and models for using the The LGX™ Large Gears eXtruder with Afterburner... Afterburner LGX Mounts Klipper config Extra LGX Models LGX Cable Cover LGX Gear Cover LGX Lever Cover Afterburner LGX Mounts Mounting the LXG to AfterBurner requires some additional mounting plates. You will need both of @Nemgrea's mounts from Discord: lgx_AftB_Mount_Front.STL (Discord file link) lgx_AftB_Mount_Rear.STL (Discord file link) These models are pinned in the #voronuser_mods channel on Discord, and can be found in this message. Thanks to @Nemgrea V2.199 V0.000 and the crew for their efforts designing and testing the mounts, and offering them to the community. Aside: For my own build, I found that my third-party M3x20 screws had a large enough head that the toolhead couldn't mount to the X Carriage assembly properly without a bit more clearance. If you find yourself in this situation, this mod of @Nemgrea's mount is nearly identical to the one on Discord but with slightly more clearance for the bottom screws. Please try the (semi)official one first before using this mod Klipper config Bondtech has some official documentation for configuring Klipper here. Below is the configuration I am currently running. rotation_distance: 8 microsteps: 16 full_steps_per_rotation: 200 # use either # gear_ratio: 44:14, 37:17 # rotation_distance: 55 # or # rotation_distance: 8 # but not both! The either...or warning is not from Bondtech, but provided here to honor the memory and sacrifice of my first hotend and save those that may come after from suffering the same fate... Extra LGX Models LGX Cable Cover Besides the mounting parts, most people end up asking about a cable cover. There are a few posted around Discord, but after seeing Craxoor's PCB cover I designed a similar cover from scratch for use with the LGX. Note that this cover does not work with the toolhead PCB - it just looks similar. lgx-cable-cover.stl (Cereal not included) LGX Gear Cover A little cover for the Large Gears on the LGX so it doesn't chew through the fan wires. lgx-gear-cover.stl LGX Lever Cover Drop-in replacement for the filament pre-tension lever, in case you want a different color: lgx-lever-cover.stl
  14. I'll add my self sourced 250 Trident build to the diaries. This is my first Voron, and second printer. I started out with a Prusa Mini+ kit and enjoyed the build so much that I started looking more seriously at the Vorons. I did look while doing initial research, but the full DIY nature was intimidating at the time; the Mini has been a great learning printer both for building and printing. In the process of researching I found the Voron Discord, this forum, and Nero & Steve's Youtube channels. Lurking, reading, and ultimately starting to ask dumb questions has taught me a lot in a short time. So I started with the Voron configurator to get my BOM, then grabbed the matching info off the sourcing guide to start finding where to buy parts. I spent quite a while learning about many of the components to determine what the best cost vs quality balance is for me. In the process, I found the popular vendors supplying the hobby. I built myself a spreadsheet to track & manage the list of parts and my often-shifting plans of what to buy and from whom. I started purchases taking advantage of sales on Aliexpress, and just accelerated the process after witnessing the Voron Hug and general supply chain issues. If something is in stock these days, you probably want to buy now rather than wait. So the list of vendors I've used are: 3D Maker Parts Amazon Aliexpress DFH Grainger KB-3D Mandala Rose Works PiHut Push Plastics Sparta 3D West 3D I tried to minimise the orders and take advantage of free shipping triggers as much as possible, so I didn't get hit too hard with that forgotten cost. A few redirected sources due to out of stock situations; PiHut most notable--had to order the board from the UK after the things became unobtanium. The last part to get is ironically the frame. I'm being picky and want the LDO blue kit which has not been available. As I was composing this I checked again, and unexpectedly got a hit on KB-3D, who now has them! So all parts are now ordered. I've spent the last week getting my Mini prepped for printing up the parts for the Trident. So I now have a full set of spare parts in PETG, which itself was a learning experience. I have to move the OctoPi from a separate case to the integrated electronics box lid. That is to help fit everything under the original box for the Mini as my cheap enclosure for ABS printing. Next step is to get some ABS test prints so I can dial that in, then start printing parts. EDIT: I should probably also list the mods I am incorporating into the initial build: hartk SexBolt Z endstop. hartk Z endstop PCB randell XY endstop PCB jeoje 4.3" Waveshare touchscreen with Steve's modified skirt. hernsl magnetic bottom panel clips Steve's no tape skirt fan mounts chrisgonzales 270° door hinges Nero's idler bearing stack in place of toothed idler change
  15. Version 05.08.22


    Burst from Discord Voron asked my if I can do an update of my old "HEPA + activated carbon Air filter mod" for his new machine: he wanted wiring for CanBus and ERCF I made it and added some "stealth" to it. Work in progress... This is based on Fanny Pack Air Filter. I dont know who made it originally.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    2 Parts Mounts snap in place 0.2 layer Height 20% infil i hope this help
  17. Version 1.0.0


    After installing the btt ebb42 canbus and removing the x y cable chains i tried the ab motor mount y endstop mod but found it moved y max forward about 1mm which affected my euclid gantry mount deploy and stowing so i designed an adjustable gantry mounted y endstop with jst 2 pin socket connection and the wires go easily through the z cable chain to the electronics compartment, the mount fixes to the rear gantry via 2x M5 screws with T nuts and has 2 M3 heatsets installed to mount the endstop holder which uses the normal omron endstop switch fitted with standard bom 2x M2x10 self tapping screws. Printed using standard voron print spec
  18. Version 2022.06.22


    Monster8 DIN clips (with heatset inserts) There's a DIN clip mount from Makerbase but I don't like it because it's too big to print on the bed of a V0 and I hate threading small bolts into plastic. So I made this version. It works!
  19. Version 2022.03.31


    Orbiter 2 Clockwork Module (beta) This Clockwork module allows the use of the Orbiter v2 Extruder in the Voron Afterburner. THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE - DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO DEAL WITH POSSIBLE ISSUE OR TO GIVE FEEDBACK! The rear screws that hold the chain anchor on are m3x8, two of them. They use the Voron heat set inserts, m3 I was working with DoubleT on the PCB holder. Trying to build a universal tool version so we could use different holders.
  20. I saw an online shop that sold the 17HS4401s with a 350mm leadscrew instead of the 300mm from the BOM. is there a downside to getting an extra 5cm height ? Apart from 5 extrusions that have to be 50mm longer ?
  21. Version 2022.04.16


    If you want to mount your Raspberry Pi so the usb and ethernet ports are externally accessable, look no further. Supported: Pi 3B/4B and Trident or Voron 2.4 machines. New Support added for Voron 2.4 250 size, and all 3 sizes of V2.4r2 BOM: Uses stock hardware, no additional parts required. M2 screws for Pi to plate, other hardware is the same as stock skirt installation.
  22. Version 2022.05.19


    Toolhead PCB To CAN Mounting Adaptor Simple mount to convert Afterburner Toolhead Board mount spacing to the spacing for popular CAN toolhead boards like Huvud and FLY-SHT42. The assumption is that you have created an evenly spaced pair of holes to mount to with spacing for the afterburner toolhead PCB (version 4.0 and below). For example, on my 2.4 with a Galileo Stealthburner I am using hartk's Galileo Body. If you need spacers, they should be easy enough to create in Tinkercad or just by overlaying cylinders in your slicer. BOM 4x M3 Heat Sets (Standard Voron Spec) 2x M3x6 BHCS to mount through to PCB holes 4x M3x6 SHCS for board mounting (or whatever is suitable for your board)
  23. Version 2022.05.23


    20x20mm, slot 6 Profile Covers Please find here my mod for variable profile covers for 20x20 construction profiles with 6mm slot. Printing Printing successful with standard VORON settings. For adjusting the length of the profiles you can scale the *.stl file in your slicer in y-direction after import and before positioning (rotating/placement) on your print bed. Please find the following example on how to do so for SuperSlicer: Sequence: Deactivate linked scaling with click on lock symbol, Lock symbol status (
  24. Version 2022.05.21


    MKS CANable Pro DIN rail mount This mod is to mount the MKS CANable Pro to a standard 35mm DIN rail. The CANable Pro is held from moving along its longest axis by the 4 locating pins and held onto the mount by a clip over the CAN transceiver holding it in place. The board can only mount one way due to the header pins and for any doubt the output directions are labelled on the mount. To print you need canable_pro_clip.stl canable_pro_mount.stl pcb_din_clip.stl (credits to the Voron team for making this) And 2*M2x10 self tapping screws or if you don't want one of the screws poking out a shorter one (5-7mm) or just cut the end off with snips. To assemble, screw the mount onto the PCB DIN clip and then place the board on the mount with the outputs aligned in direction shown on the mount. It should sit flush as shown below and then the clip slips over the top and locates into 2 small indents. Enjoy! Thanks to @Micko SE
  25. Version 2022.05.26


    Important Note: This mod works on Trident 300 and 350 builds ONLY. 250 build simply has no space needed to accomodate the holder and the spool. Sliding 8mm linear guides allows for adjustable spool width. Supported spool size is 200mm in diameter and up to max 75mm wide, typical for spools up to 1kg - 1.2kg. Changelog 08.05.2022. Initial Release 20.05.2022. Added new PTFE guide with tilted opening that guides the PTFE slightly to the left to prevent sharp bends. Just one lower guide is recommended now with this new top guide. Why? Over the years i've been getting nicer prints and almost 100% eliminated wet filament ooze by placing the filament spool inside of enclosed chamber. Since my printers work almost 24/7, chambers are always hot enough to keep the filament dry and produce perfect prints. Print Setup All parts are printed without supports. Recommended material is ABS/ASA. Recommended perimeter count is 4 and 5 top/bottom layers with infil from 30% . All parts in STL already have correct orientation, just import and print. STL File naming: ...x2.stl simply means you need to print 2 parts BOM 8x F688zz Flange Radial Ball Bearing 8 x 16mm 2x 8x100mm linear guide 12x M3x4mm countersunk screws (M3x6 BHCS or SHCS screws can be used as well) 18x M3x4x5 Brass Heat Inserts 2x M5x16mm 2x M5x10mm 4x M5 T-Nut (Regular or Hammerhead) 6x M3x8mm Images
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