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Voron Build Tools Mega-List
Researching, purchasing the printer parts of the build list and waiting for parts is only half of the battle. While many Voron builders have many of these tools on hand, and we hop most have familiarity with soldering, there are some tools that make the job MUCH easier, safer, and provide professional quality results. 

This is the Mega List for all the recommended or required tools for your Voron build.

First and foremost, crimper are really important for your Voron build. With the amount of wiring required, you will thank yourself to invest in high quality crimping tools. Frequently users ask if tinning and soldering joints is an alternate option. While it may work short term, this is a much greater risk of the joint failing. Typically this is due to the stress of movement, or weakening from the heat created inside the enclosure and around the hot-end during printing.
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Voron Kit Recommended "Suppliers"
This post will be continually updated with the latest and great known information regarding available Voron "Kits". As, clearly defined in any communications, The Official Voron Design does not recommend or prefer any of these vendors. The list here is only identified as those vendors who have been identified as successful builds and full kits that are available.

Purchase kits at your own risk, knowing that parts can change, often times for the worse, and as is true with my Chinese parts, Meanwell PSU labelled as such, does not mean it's a legitimate Meanwell PSU, same thing with other popular components (like Gates belts) and fasteners.

While these are not in any specific quality order, they are in order of popularity and availability.
Note: for best results order from AliExpress from user who have the MOST sales - likely they are the best sourced Kits with the fewest flaws.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly for this thread - Yes, sourcing your own parts will increase your build quality, and verify proper function and fitment. This thread is NOT a discussion on pro's and cons of sourcing parts vs buying kits 😃. Let' try our best to stay on topic!

Voron 0

Formbot - AliExpress

Voron 1.8

MagicStudio - Direct Website

Voron 2.4

Formbot - AliExpress <- Most Common 2.4 AliExpress Kit

Fystec - AliExpress (Pre-Order)

DigiMach - https://store.digmach.com/collections/voron-kits 

Voron SwitchWire

Formbot - AliExpress

Voron Legacy

Funssor - AliExpress


If you have any direct experience or would like to suggest another kit for this list please respond in the thread and the thread will be updated!

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