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Links Directory


  1. Vendors

    Links to vendors that you can purchase Voron and other 3D printer equipment and supplies.

  2. Filament Manufacturers/Vendors

    Filament manufactures or vendors that specialize in selling or manufacturing filaments.

  3. 3D Printed Parts

    Many new Voron builders do not have the equipment necessary to print their own parts. This section of our link directory is catered toward Etsy sellers, eBay sellers, or other online website sources that provide printed parts. If you have used an online source for parts in the past, please list their site or page, and don't forget to review the printed parts quality! Do not hesitate to also include photos of the printed parts in your review or comments!

    This should not include any links to members who participate in the Pat it Forward" program endorsed by the Voron-Design team.

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