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VoronSW 9mm Belt Mod v. 2021.03.26

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About This File


  • 2x M5x25 BHCS
  • 2x M5x30 BHCS
  • 1x M3x25 SHCS
  • 8x M5x1 Spacer
  • 8x F695 Bearing with flange (from the SW BOM)
  • 4x 695 2RS 5x13x4 Bearing without flange
  • 1x GT2 20T Pulley (5mm B, 9mm W)
  • 1x 1m GT2 Belt (9mm W)
  • 3x M3 Heat inserts (from the SW BOM)

Slicer Settings:

  • Mainly this should be printed with the Voron PIF settings (4P, 40% Infill etc.)
  • But i recommend to print the panels and "Motor Top Mount" with 100% infill. The panels will bent less and the section of the motor mount where you screw it to the 2020 extrusion is more stable.

Notes regarding the Belt Anchor:

  • The limit switch is only held by one screw instead of two screws like in the original design, otherwise the screw would hit the belt.

Notes regarding the Deckpanels:

  • For the "Bottom Y Idler" you will need 2 small cutouts on your panels (see pictures). You can drill it out, or print the panels.
  • The files for the panels are orientated like the name of the files.
  • If you want a nice finish i recommend to flip them upside down in slicer and print on a textured pei sheet.
  • If you want a smooth finish you can try "ironing" the toplayer, then leave the files at the current orientation.
  • You can glue the panels together where the front and back snaps together if you want. I just pushed them together and didnt glue them, works great and sits tight. Lay both on a flat surface, snap them together and press with something heavy at the connection points.
  • The panels also tend to bent at cooldown after printing, a good tip is to remove the panel with the pei sheet from the printbed immediately(!) after printing and quickly place it on a flat surface (for example on the floor), then quickly place a thick book on top and weigh it down properly. I just stood on it for 10 minutes, worked great. This step is important, otherwise the panel will bent and the belt anchor will hit the panel when traveling.

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