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About This File


Last update 11/13/2021

Quick author disclaimer: I am not a CAD expert, I have limited experience, but I manage to make functional pieces that I’m happy with.
Beta testing from a few Voron users have confirmed excellent results, as such I’ve decided to share this design. This duct is currently not officially VoronMods approved based on design criteria listed on the Voron Discord, however I continue work to make it compliant with Voron design principals.

Introducing the Halo Duct for the Voron Afterburner, this duct was created from my personal need to get better cooling during PLA prints.

Available versions:

  • Dragon v1.1 - weight 20.5 grams
  • Dragon v1.1 with hotend ducting - weight 24.5 grams
  • Mosquito v1.1 - weight 20 grams
  • E3d-V6 v1.1 - weight 19.1 grams

Goals for this duct were:

  • Adequate cooling to enable high speed PLA prints
  • Directed airflow across the nozzle
  • Lightweight design to limit ghosting
  • Compatibility with stock Afterburner 2.4 fan assembly and some mods (5015)
  • Compatibility with the Dragon / Mosquito / V6 Hotends

Future goals:

  • Compatibility with other HotEnds
  • VoronMods design principal(s) compliancy
  • CFD tuning

Recommended Printing guidelines:

  • Material – ABS or better
  • 0.16 Layer height
  • Supports under ducts (select supports for “touching build plate only”)
  • suggest some part cooling - between 10-50% depending on your cooling setup
  • 3 sec minimum layer time

Support removal should be easy, no tools required: https://youtu.be/1iqqhB1m5gw

All testing was performed with a single 5015 fan, using the below Fan mod by Greg191134: https://github.com/Greg191134/Voron/tree/master/Afterburner%20Optimisation/5015%20fan%20mod

If you find my (Greg191134's) work helpful, or it's made life a bit easier, consider a tip/donation, it is appreciated, but not required: https://camo.githubusercontent.com/cd07f1a5d90e454e7bbf69d22ebe4cdbd3a0b3dcf56ba0b6c2495a8e99c776be/68747470733a2f2f6b6f2d66692e636f6d2f696d672f676974687562627574746f6e5f736d2e737667



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