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Door Panels v. 2022.04.21

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About This File

Laser Cut Door Panels

As my distaste for all solutions VHB related, I was looking for how to replace the hinges on my 2.4. The most popular solution seems to be the 270 Degree Hinge which was based on Randell's Door Hinges.

The challenge with both of these is that they require you to drill your acrylic to mount them. Maybe that's super easy, but I did some research on it, including what drill bits to buy, etc, and it seemed complicated with a reasonable chance that I was going to crack my panels.

But I do have access to a laser from my local makerspace and experience there, so I CAD'd the panels in Fusion360 and created the DXFs to cut them.

Design Goals

The idea behind these files is to allow you to laser cut the door panels to have the horizontal flexibility to dial in the fit. So the holes for the hinges are ovals to allow you that flexibility. Be aware that thermal expansion will have some impact on your fit. Mine are tightly aligned when cold, but will stick a little bit when the printer is fully heatsoaked.

To that end, the holes for the handles are slightly larger and will likely require either a washer or button head screws. This is intentional to allow you to be able to move those around by a few mm. I also found that the door latches sat a little too far out for the standard acrylic 1mm tape, so I modifed the latches to sit back a little more.

There are now CAD files for cutting the holes in front doors. Although they are parametric (doorwidth) there are f3d and dxf files for 250, 300 and 350mm. There are also dxf files for all of those in the dxf directory.



Remember, in Fusion360, the dimensions for the doors are parametric, so you can just change it there instead of opening these individually. I've just created them so that if you're not comfortable in Fusion, they're easy to use.



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