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Ender 3Pro Switchwire v. 2021.08.24

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About This File

Ender 3 Pro and V2 to Switchwire Mod

This is a conversion of the Ender 3 Pro and V2 to a Switchwire type coreXZ printer. My goal was to use most of the Ender 3 components while maintaining the core Voron design look and feel.

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  • This mod uses most of the key components from the Ender 3 Pro (E3P) while providing a coreXZ capability. The highlights of this include:
    1. The frame is all E3P.
    2. The electronics are the stock Switchwire ones, but the E3P 24V power supply is used. I wanted to get all the electronics under the deck as this follows the Switchwire design. I had to get a little creative with the mounts to make this work. I did not include the LCD display. Mainsail (MainsailOS) is so amazing, I never use the LCD on the Voron 2.4 so I left it out. It can easily be added.
    3. The deck is easily printed in 4 sections.
    4. The XZ and gantry are slightly modified from the Switchwire baseline. The X axis rail is 300mm and is a tight squeeze on the shortened 2020 extrusion. I wanted to keep the standard rail length in case I wanted to build a stock Switchwire.
    5. The Y axis uses 2 rails. I liked the look of it and it seemed more stable that way. It also simplified the Y belt routing through the extrusion. I also removed the springs on the bed corners and replaced them with spacers. The spacers come off the E3P V-wheels. With the bed mesh probing, this seemed like a better approach than worrying about the bed changing positions if the knobs rotated/loosened.
    6. This configuration also worked without too much modification to the stock E3P wire lengths.
    7. The E3P motors can be reused if you can pull off the gears. Thingiverse has a printable gear puller (I haven't tried it).

Images / CAD

I have included several images and the Fusion 360 CAD model. CAD files and images are included in the repository


A BOM has been added that is based on the baseline Switchwire. This will not be perfect as the Ender 3's get a lot of mods by their owners. It should help with most of the key items to make the MOD.


Use the baseline Switchwire configuration available in the Voron-Switchire repository. The Voron-documentation has excellent instructions for making the adjustments.

STL Files

This mod uses a combination of original Switchwire and modified parts. Most of the parts are modified/new as the Switchwire and Ender 3 frames are much different. I kept all the Voron naming conventions to provide consistency. The following is a listing of the STL files, organized by location:

  1. Deck:

    • [a]_deck_y_chain_anchor
    • deck_front_right
    • deck_front_left
    • deck_rear_right
    • deck_rear_left
  2. Electronics:

    • [a]_ps_clamp
    • [a]_ps_hanger
    • [a]_rpi3_mount
    • [a]_rpi3_shelf
    • [a]_rs_25_hanger
    • [a]_skr_mini_e3_mount
    • 2020_ziptie_clip (quantity as required to suit your wiring organization)
  3. Grill:

    • [a]_grill_endcap_x4
    • grill_front_left
    • grill_front_right
    • grill_rear_left
    • grill_rear_right
  4. XZ-Axis:

    • [a]_xz_cable_cover
    • keybak_mount_plate_a
    • keybak_mount_plate_b
    • x_motor_mount_a
    • x_motor_mount_b
    • xz_block_left_a
    • xz_block_left_b
    • xz_block_right_a
    • xz_block_right_b
    • z_bearing_block_left
    • z_bearing_block_right_generic
    • z_carriage_stop_x2
    • z_motor_mount_a
    • z_motor_mount_b
    • [a]_xz_tensioner_x2 **
    • [a]_upper_idler_support_b_right **
    • [a]_upper_idler_support_b_left **
    • upper_idler_support_a_right **
    • upper_idler_support_a_left **
    • keybak_gantry_anchor **
    • keybak_idler_bracket **
  5. Y-Axis:

    • [a]_y_axis_anchor_x2
    • [a]_y_axis_frame_chain_anchor
    • [a]_y_axis_ls_mount
    • [a]_y_front_belt_mount
    • [a]_y_front_belt_slider
    • [a]_y_motor_mount_a
    • [a]_y_motor_mount_b
    • y_axis_bed_carriage
  6. Misc:

    • 2020_MGN12_guide_x2.stl **
    • 4040_rail_tool

** Denotes STL files that have not been modified from the baseline Switchwire design and are located in the Switchwire repository


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