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V0 Neopixel Front Bed Mount v. 1.0.0

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About This File

This replaces the stock V0.1 Front Bed Mount, adding a slot for a single Neopixel or Dotstar LED from a standard 10mm strip. There are channels to run the wires stealthily to inside of the bed frame extrusions on either side.


  • Print Diffuser_x1 with 100% infill using a transparent or white ABS, textured build surface is a bonus.

  • Print Front_Bed_Mount_x1 using standard Voron print settings

  • cut a single Neopixel or Dotstar LED from a 10mm strip, and 3 (or 4 for Dotstar) equal lengths of wire, long enough to reach from the front bed mount, under the bed, through the cable chain and all the way to your mainboard.

  • insert the LED into the slot on the front of the bed mount, and route the wires through one or both of the channels

  • insert the diffuser in the slot in front of the LED, ensure a good friction fit. if necessary, print the diffuser slightly thicker or thinner by scaling it in your slicer.

  • Install the new Bed mount, making sure the wires are not pinched by the extrusions, they should run directly into the slot, you can use zip ties to secure it.

  • route the wires through the cable chain, and around to wherever your mainboard is mounted.

  • mainboard connections and klipper configuration are left as an exercise to the reader.


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