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V0.1 Raised Tophat - Bottom Up Mod v. 1.0.1

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About This File

This mod started out as a remix of the TophatHingeV0.1 mod by Demosth. To gain extra space for the extruder, bowden tube and cables I modified the four upper corner A/B Frame/Idler pieces. This raises the upper 1515 alu-profile pieces by 20mm so installing the standard tophat (or a hinged tophat) is functionally the same as with a stock V0.1. The most notable visual difference from a stock V0.1 is the extra space above the gantry.

I made up the extra height by adding 20mm tall strips of 3mm thick plexiglass at the bottom of the front and side panels. This mod would be easy to stretch and gain 10 or 20mm more if needed.

I 'borrowed' the extra plexiglass from my back panel pieces. In the LDO kit, they ship two separate pieces of dark glass for the back panel. The smaller one is meant to close off the print chamber and the larger one is meant to cover the lower electronics bay. With this mod the smaller piece is no longer large enough so it is necessary to use the larger one at the top.

I have included .stl files to install this with the stock tophat, as well as modified .stl files from Demosth's mod.

For the hinged version of this mod, I have also included my latching solution for the front of the tophat. The left and right Tophat_Front_Clips allow one to slide a thumb screw in to secure the top in place. The tophat_nut_catch just provides somewhere to stow the thumbscrew when the top is open (as shown in the pictures). I used the no-drop nut mod to make the square nut easier to manage.

NOTE: The original A/B Drive_Frame_Upper files that I uploaded had the back heat set insert hole in the wrong location. I have uploaded the correct version of these .slt files. (21 OCT 2022)


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