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V0.1 Belted Z Mod - LDO Pancake Stepper - Kiragami Bed v. 1.0.0

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About This File

This belted-z mod is designed to be as small as possible. It uses the LDO-36STH17 geared pancake stepper from the extruder that comes with the LDO V0.1 kit. This allows it to fit completely below the printer and not take any space from the electronics area on the back of the printer.

The 5:1 gearing of the 20t GT-2 pulley maintains the same 8mm rotation_distance as the stock z-leadscrew. I was able to increase my z-homing speed to 50mm/sec while lowering the current to 0.25A for the Z motor. The build plate will usually drop when the stepper enable is turned off.

1  -  LDO-36STH17 or OMC 14HR07-1004VRN 10 tooth geared pancake stepper
1  -  50T geared 5mm shaft (from Mini Afterburner extruder kit) (alternate source)
1  -  20T GT-2 pulley (5mm bore)
2  -  MR85 bearing
2  -  F695 flanged bearing
1  -  M5 x 1mm shim spacer
3  -  M3x8 BHCS
3  -  M3 square nuts
2  -  M3x12 BHCS
2  -  M3x35 BHCS
1  -  M5x16 BHCS
5  -  printed parts (required)
1  -  printed part (optional)
6  -  M3 threaded heat inserts

When installing this mod I only had to pull out the bottom panel to access the screws holding the Z motor with lead screw. Installation of the new components was all done from the bottom and front of the printer.

I have included a Blender file to show the overall assembly of this mod.


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