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V0.2 Mesh-Ready TFT 43 Skirt v. 1.0.0

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About This File

I modified this v0 trident skirt file found here here on GitHub  to have a sub-component that can be easily sliced into a mesh.  I'm certain that the printable mount from the aforementioned page can be modified and adapted independently to attach other displays to this skirt.  I made this for another user, but im posting it so that others don't have to put in as much effort as I did going forward.

To make this .STL do the mesh thing, drop it into superslicer, right-click the part, hover over the "split" option in the menu, then select "split into parts".  when you do this, the part will be split into two merged parts in your parts list view in the slicer.  Select the flat solid skirt cover part in the list, right click the selected part and click "Perimeters & Shell" and "infill".  Set the number of top and bottom solid layers to 0.  I like to make the perimeter count 2.  Screenshots from slicer are in the Spoiler below if you want visual help. 




I used Honeycomb infill at 23% density and a filament swap at layer 4 to get the result in the IRL photo here.  I recommend playing around with the infill settings a bit because you can get some really cool results.  Gyroid and rectilinear infills make pretty neat meshes at higher densities (30%-50%).  More visual examples are in the spoiler below.





The rest of the v0.2 skirts with pre-prepared meshes can be found here. One-Part side skirts with pre-prepared meshes can be found here, posted as the "closed" variants of the STLs.

I followed this video tutorial to make this from the provided STEP file on the previously mentioned/linked printables page.

The printables file that I modified was derived from golas's v0 trident skirt remix


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