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PITFT50 45 Degree Mount v. 2022.04.07

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About This File

BTT PITFT50 45-degree Mount

This mod is an alternative frame mount for alanho's PITFT50 screen mount. They suggest using the frame mount from sttts, which puts the screen at a 30-degree angle. I found that with the shorter guitar amplifier feet on the Trident and 2.4r2, the 30-degree mount makes the screen assembly too tall to fit under the frame. This mod replaces the 30-degree frame mount with a 45-degree mount, which provides plenty of clearance.

This design was created from scratch, but was heavily inspired by other mods:

This was tested with a BTT PITFT50 v2, but will likely also work with sttts's 5.5-inch Waveshare mount, since the hole pattern is the same.

Bill of Materials

Assembly Instructions

  • Assemble the screen mount
  • Use 4x M3x8 SHCS to attach the frame mount to the screen mount
  • Insert 2x M3 T-nuts into the bottom of the frame
  • Thread 2x M3x8 SHCS into the T-nuts to attach the mount to the frame


I printed with standard Voron settings, but this would probably be fine with fewer walls and less infill. I found this part very prone to warping, so you may want to use a brim or ears.


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