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2.4 Window Ventilation System v. 1.0.0

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About This File

I wanted to be able to print ABS and ASA in my house without having to move my printer to a well ventilated area, so I started looking into ventilation options. I wasn't able to find anything that seemed to mount cleanly to my machine and look decent running to my window, so I designed this system for my printer.


  • Parts to order
    • 2.5" Hose Clamps x2
    • 2.5" Flexible Dust Collector Hose (3ft in picture) x1
    • Weather Stripping (10ft in picture)
    • M2 self-tapping screw
    • Plastic Sheet (1.5mm-2mm)
  • Parts to Print
    • 60mm Fan to 2.5" Hose Adaptor x1
    • Hose Adaptor x1
    • Hose Adaptor Mount x1
    • One-way Valve x1
    • Left Link x1
    • Right Link x1
    • Center Link x? (You will need to measure your window for the proper number of links)


  • 40% infill
  • Supports needed
  • 4 line walls
  • Filament: Polymaker's Polylite ASA

If you are using the stock Voron 2.4 exhaust system, you can attach the hose adaptor directly to the rear fan using the screws already holding the fan in place. All of the links snap very tightly together and may require pliers to fully seat the lock. You can also insert the one way valve into the hose adapter on the window side of the hose:


Then just attach all of the other pieces according to the images below:1002029717_PXL_20220301_162823218-Copy.thumb.jpg.f048a7eb6106b2994fab6fd7f747c8f5.jpg2036250094_PXL_20220301_162835756-Copy.thumb.jpg.ce9a3138430a4126d4c049dde00ffe74.jpg

Once you have everything hooked together your can wrap the window vent that is now sized for your window with the weather stripping to get a good seal on your window.

One note, I was printing several test versions of this before I got to a full system. There are couple links you will see in the center of my image that have a smaller lip on them. I just reused these from previous test pieces so I didn't waste more plastic. Your center links should be consistent all the way across the middle section of the window vent.

3/9/2022 -
Added a one-way valve to prevent outside air from causing a backdraft into your printer when your exhaust fan is disabled. This has made a significant impact on reducing plastic fumes in my house. After adding this, I can't smell any plastic unless the doors on the printer are open.

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