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Voron2.4 Trident Pins Mod v. 2022.04.23

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About This File

This has been updated for V2.4r2 and Trident

This mod is for the V2/Trident, it involves printing new AB drive frames, new XY Joints, new Front Tensioners, and new Z idlers

The pins have replaced m5 screws, at any location where the screw acts like a shaft, holding bearings, pulleys or idlers. This allows for smoother rotation and stops the possibility of motion parts being caught in threads. This work was done by everyone, thanks to ABS plastic and voron printers for the fast iteration, @doomweasel? they fall out yet?

To complete this mod the following files will need to be reprinted

A and B drive units

  • a_drive_frame_lower_pinned.stl
  • a_drive_frame_upper_pinned.stl
  • b_drive_frame_lower_pinned.stl
  • b_drive_frame_upper_pinned.stl

Front Idlers

  • [a]_a_tensioner_pinned.stl
  • [a]_b_tensioner_pinned.stl

XY Joints

  • MGN12_xy_joint_left_upper_pinned.stl
  • MGN12_xy_joint_left_lower_pinned.stl
  • MGN12_xy_joint_right_upper_pinned.stl
  • MGN12_xy_joint_right_lower_pinned.stl

Z Idlers FOR V2 either one of these based on if you are using 6mm or 9mm belt

  • [a]_z_tensioner_x4_6mm_pinned.stl
  • [a]_z_tensioner_x4_9mm_pinned.stl

here is what the XY Joint will look like

XY Joint XY Joint

here is what the Z idler will look like XY Joint

the following 5mm Pin hardware is what is needed as well


30mm (x2)
28mm (x2)

[X-Y Joints]
40mm (x4)

[X-Y Idlers]
43mm (x2)

[Z Idlers]
28mm (x4)

these can be purchased from here

Smooth pins


Misumi Part Numbers

Part NO. Qty
SFR5-30 2
SFR5-43 2
SFR5-40 4
SFR5-28 6

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