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Simple filament sensor v. 1.0.0

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For my Voron I used a simple filament sensor. Since the simple ones that can be bought only have a sheet metal strip for scanning, there was always the problem after a runout that the filament wedged itself in the sensor when it was pushed back. So I made one that uses a roller actuated micro switch. The original is designed to mount to the back of a Voron that has a 3mm backplate and 3mm tape. In order to make it a little more universal, I have uploaded a version with a separate mounting distance, which you can simply use in the slicer in height.

In addition to the printed parts you will need:

1 roller-actuated microswitch, e.g. Link
1 JST-XH, 2.54 male, e.g Link
1 Pushfit M10x1, e.g. Link
2 self-tapping screws M2x10

I printed the whole thing in ASA carbon, but in principle you can also use PLA, PETG or whatever

- After printing, it is recommended to clean the filament hole with a 2mm drill so that the filament slides through nicely
- It is advisable to fix the JST connector with a drop of superglue before soldering
- I wired the switch as an "opener", if you need a closer then just use another pin.
- After assembly, check whether the switch is actuated by the filament, if not you have to correct the roll bar a bit, I found that the switching points on the linked switches vary slightly




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