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Kirigami LED Bed Front v. 2022.03.19

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About This File

V0 Kirigami bed front with space for LED

This is a modifaction of the V0 Kirigami front bed made by Kosh42EFG



  • Kirigami bed: https://github.com/christophmuellerorg/voron_0_kirigami_bed
  • 1x Kirigami_LED_Bed_Front.stl printed in ABS using standard Voron settings
  • 1x Kirigami_LED_Bed_Front_defuser.stl printed in any white material
  • 2x M3x8 CHCS
  • 2x M3 nuts
  • 1x LED. I use a single neopixel mini button
  • 4x wires for the neopixel (you can use three if this is the only one in the chain)


  • Install the kirigami bed
  • Wire the neopixel and place in the slot with the wires coming out through the tunnel
  • Add the defuser in front of the neopixel, make sure it is a tight fit to hold it well (print thicker if needed) Beddefuser2
  • Fit the Kirigami_LED_Bed_Front.stl to the front of the kirigami bed using the M3 screws and nuts
  • Add configuration change to the printer.cfg in klipper:
    • [neopixel my_leds]
    • pin: PA8
    • chain_count: 1
    • color_order: GRB
    • initial_RED: 1.0
    • initial_GREEN: 0.0
    • initial_BLUE: 0.0

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