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  1. I'll get a head start on this build diary while the kit is still on the way. I've been plotting a V0 build almost from when the Trident was complete, but have been putting it off. Well, first kick was winning the printed V0 manual from the Voron holiday giveaway which arrived a while later and the latest & final kick was Fabreeko throwing a coupon at Nero commenters. Then when I "lamented" that it didn't work on the Rook and that the V0 kits in gray were out--thinking I had my out--Hector went and dug up one in stock and updated the website. I couldn't not buy the kit now, could I? I had planned a Rook build next as a father-daughter project but it looks like she gets to help build a V0.2. Darn. /s I am planning on Fusion Geomagnetic Mauve for the primary, and (with daughter & wife's input) Polymaker Galaxy Teal for the accent. Oddly this was an easier decision than the Trident build. Also, yes, it's going to be sparkly despite my membership of the GOMs. Now for a question. I do not have a Pi Zero 2W and am not willing to spend >$100 for a $15 CPU. I do have a couple of Pi 3Bs which will work. Also, the local MicroCenter has a ton of Zero 2 in stock. So, will the Zero 2 suffice (I think no)? Or, is there a mount out there somewhere for the Pi 3 on a V0? Though browsing the nice printed manual it looks like I can steal a Pi mount from the Trident files & print that DIN cleat. (now grabbing & hoarding those Pi 3s a while ago looks like a genius move) So the specs. It's the LDO V0.2-S1 kit and is coming pre-pimped-out. Top hat bumped to 100mm version LDO slide in M3 nuts Kirigami bed Pre assembled polyimide bed. 200W upgraded power supply Picobilical toolhead PCB & umbilical. LDO edition SKR Pico Revo Voron (the blue heat sink is getting swiped for the blue Trident which will donate it's red Voron edition heat sink. Because reasons). Hiwin X rail, HoneyBadger rails for the rest. Looks like a couple of plates: Honey Badger textured PEI & a dual smooth PEI/carbon fiber. I'll want to add a small-ish touch screen because the Waveshare 4.3" on the Trident running KlipperScreen is so, so nice. It will also make the printer a bit more kid friendly. Also later LEDs. Lots of LEDs. I'm tempted to try and see if I can force boop to work even though it's not supposed to.
  2. fristle


    From the album: 2.4 Wiring Gallery

    Seperated high voltage from signal wiring. Motor wires and stuff that won't change is separate, too. Everything else sits in open cable ducts for quick access and ease of changing things.

    © fristle

  3. fristle


    From the album: 2.4 Wiring Gallery

    © (c) fristle

  4. fristle


    From the album: 2.4 Wiring Gallery

    © (c) fristle

  5. So this is not my first Voron but it is my first published diary so bear with me. My previous builds (1.5 -> 1.6 and V0) were all self sourced which gives choice but can be very long winded and time consuming, so this time after much reading around I plmped for the LDO Kit in it's full 350mm size. There was a wait while the boat slowly chugged around but here is some of what arrived: Amongst the stickers and card with URL links is an engraved metal stick on badge with what I assume is a unique serial number - neat! Everything came extremely well packed and many boxes within boxes - all clearly labelled.
  6. Hello everyone, This is my second Voron printer build, my first being a Voron0 which has been a fantastic little printer. But I needed something a little larger, so I ended up buying a LDO Trident kit. I wanted to visualize the colour scheme of my new Trident a little better than I did with my V0 build. I know there are a few good web based colour configurators for Voron's out there but I needed a little more control. As I know my way around blender quite well and Fusion360 feels quite unfamiliar to me, I ended up importing the cad model (exported as stl) into blender and colouring as needed. Anyway, I have decided on quite a dark scheme with a touch of Voron red. Will post some 'real' build photo's soon.
  7. Hello Everyone! I'm building my first Voron 2.4 r2 LDO 350 kit with an Octopus 1.1 board, mainsail OS. I am getting hit with this error: I've followed the LDO wiring docs for this board found here:https://docs.ldomotors.com/en/voron/voron2/wiring_guide_rev_a It seems like the motors are not getting power. Pretty sure that im doing something silly, just not experienced enough to know what yet. for what its worth, the bed heater and rapido hf hotend DID heat up (yay, small win). (screenshot of documentation, but my board is wired the exact same way, just not a clean.) Does anyone have any thoughts? Happy to provide more info if needed! Sincere thanks in advance! Shifty
  8. Day one Finally got off my butt and got my kit build started. Didn't get really far. Working on it while trying to get some other projects done, so you'll have to pardon the mess. Got frame done. Only had to take it apart 3 times. Had one extrusion facing the wrong way, forgot to install Y rails, and forgot to install nutbars. Everything checked out square in the end though. Following the manual and Steve Builds YouTube series. First build, so I'm doing it step by step. Trying to make sure I miss as much as possible, that worked out well the first day, lol. Had to stop, because I forgot to clean and prep linear rails ahead of time. I'll work some more on it tomorrow hopefully. Will try to take pics when I remember.
  9. I've had a Prusa MK3 for around three years and a Prusa Mini for about two years; I was going to get a an XL but saw the light (Hallelujah) and got a an LDO Voron 0.1 kit from onetwo3d instead. It was on order for about 4 weeks and arrived two days ago. The only bit I've taken out of the kit, so far, is the heat thread inserts tool. I'm going with Sunlu blue ABS and eSun black ABS+. I've printed some stuff while I've been waiting - most of the Top Hat, all the bits for the frame and am currently printing more blue stuff. I was a bit nervous of printing ABS, but I had a light tent for the MK3S so I thought I'd give it go with that, always with the fallback of buying the printed parts. I started using a Kores glue stick on a Prusa brand textured plate, which worked ok, but difficult to get the coating even. I've now moved to a diluted (2 parts water, 1 part glue) Kores liquid PVA. A scant brush tip full will usually do all the area I need. It spreads evenly and washes off fine with hot soap water. But the ABS fumes are uncomfortable, not too smelly, but throat challenging and headachy. My playroom is an upstairs bedroom, to which I keep the door shut when printing. Nonetheless the whole upstairs gets quite a dose of the ABS fumes. So, I though I'd print the Nevermore Carbon Filter V4 and have today put that in the MK3S tent on a very posh wooden mount with a piece of cardboard under it to help it keep upright I'm using a not-so-powerful 2 pin connection fan at the moment, but after just this afternoon as a trial, it does seem better, at least the upstairs feels ok now. I've got a more powerful fan on it's way from China - I'll reprint the fan cowling for it in black I think, before it moves to Mr Voron. My Prusa took me ages to build, I took it slowly and it took about a month to complete. I did start this Voron project in a rush, but have slowed down (just a bit) now - I intend to enjoy the build. I've started a spread sheet as a build and print guide, I want to be able to start each section, Prusa style, knowing I've got all the bits that I need to complete it in front of me. I also printed a bracket for a Logitech C270 camera - I'm trying to anticipate any "extra" m3 nuts required in the frame to attach bits like a camera mount, Nevermore Fan mount, maybe handles. I'd really appreciate any suggestions I'll probably finish printing all the Blue Bits tomorrow, and then next week I'll have a go at building The Frame All suggestions and encouragement welcome. This diary building feels very therapeutic, better by far than boring the whatever's off of mates down the pub, but I'll probably do that as well
  10. This will be my build dairy for my recently received LDO V0.1 kit purchased at KB3D.
  11. I ran across this wonderful list while reviewing LDO components. I want to post it to the TeamFDM community to get the word out and help others find sources for LDO parts. I cleaned up the listing and fixed a few links as well. Original link here: http://docs.ldomotors.com/voron/LDO_Voron_Distributors If you have any experience with any of these vendors I please respond with your reviews! USA : Printed Solid (major distributor for all LDO Voron parts, V0.1 Kit), https://www.printedsolid.com/collections/voron-collection Filastruder (linear rails, some motors - please pick up the right part no), https://www.filastruder.com/ 3DMakerParts (some of Voron Parts, V0.1 Kit), https://3dmakerparts.com/ Fabreeko (some of Voron Parts, V0.1 Kit), https://www.fabreeko.com/ KB3D (some of Voron Parts, V0.1 Kit), https://kb-3d.com/store/search?controller=search&s=LDO Luke's Lab (some of Voron Parts, V0.1 Kit - provide printed parts service), https://lukeslabonline.com/ Mandala Rose Works (V0.1 Kit, with Mandala Rose build bed, panels), https://www.mandalaroseworks.com/ West3D Printing. (some of Voron Parts), https://west3d.com/ Canada: Sparta3d (Major distributor for all LDO Voron parts, V0.1 Kit, and other LDO productions)https://www.sparta3d.com MakerParts (V0.1 Kit) https://makerparts.ca/collections/ldo-voron-v0-1-kit 3DLabTech (Voron Kit and Parts) https://www.3dlabtech.ca Europe: UK, Mechporium Ltd, (LDO Voron parts, V0.1 Kit) https://www.mechporium.co.uk UK, One Two Enterprises Ltd, (LDO Voron parts, V0.1 Kit) https://www.onetwo3d.co.uk/ Germany, Caribou3d, (LDO Voron Parts, and other LDO productions, V0.1 Kit ) http://www.caribou3d.com Germany, 3dmensionals, (LDO Voron 0.1 Kit ) https://3dmensionals.de Estonia, Lecktor Technologies, (LDO Voron Parts, and other LDO productions, special Lecktor candy come with your order) http://shop.lecktor.ee Poland, Blackfrog, (some of Voron parts, and other LDO productions) https://blackfrog.pl/ Poland, Hobby-Store, (only LDO Motors, for Voron or others) https://hobby-store.pl/ Hungary, Zen3D Laboratories Ltd, (some of Voron parts,V0.1 Kit ) https://shop.zen3d.hu/LDO_motors Switzerland, GeckoSys, (some of Voron parts,V0.1 Kit) - NOT a EU country. https://shop.geckosys.ch/ Austria, 3DJake, (Voron Kit) https://www.3djake.com/ldo-motors Denmark, 3DO, (LDO Voron parts and kit) https://3do.dk Australia: Uniqueprints, (some of Voron Parts) https://uniqueprints.shop/ Asia: Singapore, Vapour3D, (LDO Voron parts, V0.1 Kit) https://Vapour3d.com India, Third Dimension Printers, (few Voron parts) https://www.3dprintronics.com/ Malasia, QUINX, (LDO Voron parts, V0.1 Kit) https://shopee.com.my/shop/298052992/search?page=0&shopCollection=118637433&sortBy=pop Isreal, RAVMEIMAD, (few Voron parts, V0.1 Kit) https://en.ravmeimad.shop/ldo-motors Africa: South Africa, PTRINT KIT, (some of Voron parts,V0.1 Kit) https://printkit.co.za
  12. Version 2021.03.07


    Afterburner connector cover for the LDO 42STH20-1004AS stepper motor for Voron v1.8 and v2.4. This is a modification of the mod hhammarstrand did for the Switchwire. That mod does not fit the AB correctly on a 1.8 or a 2.4, so I created a new mod that follows his design principles, but that fit oon a 1.8 and a 2.4 This mod has been verified to fit the LDO-42STH20-1004AS on both a Voron 1.8 and 2.4.
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