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Afterburner LGX v. 2021.10.09

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About This File

Afterburner LGX

Useful links, info, and models for using the The LGX™ Large Gears eXtruder with Afterburner...

Afterburner LGX Mounts

Mounting the LXG to AfterBurner requires some additional mounting plates. You will need both of @Nemgrea's mounts from Discord:

These models are pinned in the #voronuser_mods channel on Discord, and can be found in this message.

Thanks to @Nemgrea V2.199 V0.000 and the crew for their efforts designing and testing the mounts, and offering them to the community.

Aside: For my own build, I found that my third-party M3x20 screws had a large enough head that the toolhead couldn't mount to the X Carriage assembly properly without a bit more clearance. If you find yourself in this situation, this mod of @Nemgrea's mount is nearly identical to the one on Discord but with slightly more clearance for the bottom screws. Please try the (semi)official one first before using this mod 🙂

Klipper config

Bondtech has some official documentation for configuring Klipper here. Below is the configuration I am currently running.

rotation_distance: 8
microsteps: 16
full_steps_per_rotation: 200

# use either
#    gear_ratio: 44:14, 37:17
#    rotation_distance: 55
# or
#    rotation_distance: 8
# but not both!

The either...or warning is not from Bondtech, but provided here to honor the memory and sacrifice of my first hotend and save those that may come after from suffering the same fate...

Extra LGX Models

LGX Cable Cover

Besides the mounting parts, most people end up asking about a cable cover. There are a few posted around Discord, but after seeing Craxoor's PCB cover I designed a similar cover from scratch for use with the LGX. Note that this cover does not work with the toolhead PCB - it just looks similar.


(Cereal not included)

LGX Gear Cover

A little cover for the Large Gears on the LGX so it doesn't chew through the fan wires.


LGX Lever Cover

Drop-in replacement for the filament pre-tension lever, in case you want a different color:



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