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Super Stealth Orbiter ( Orbiter 1.5 ) v. 3.1.3

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About This File


This is the Super Stealth Orbiter, a super low profile mount/housing for your Orbiter 1.5 with easy access for servicing the Orbiter without removing it from the printer/housing.


After using 3dPmamsih 'Orbiter 1.5 for StealthBurner' for a few months I knew there were a few things I wanted to change. 

1) To have an unbroken PTFE path from the exit of the orbiter directly down to the hot end. 3dPmamsih version had a break and required two pieces of PTFE with a bit of housing between. There were a few times my filament hung up in this section, so I wanted to remove it.

2) To break the full loop in front of the Orbiter that prevented the idler door from fully opening. This further prevented easy access to clean the gears and thus service or clean the extruder.  

3) To have a proper Bowden tube coupler.

4) Various tweaks to the design to add additional reinforcement, rigidity, ease of assembly, and overall long term durability. 

5) A sleek look that gives little to no indication of the extruder being used. This includes removing the thumb wheel from the idler tensioner and instead simply using an m3 bolt.  In my case I find I can still tension to the desired amount with just my fingers and the bolt. I also don't tend to adjust this much once its set.


PTFE path

PTFE path 1.jpg


BOM: (Ill add this soon, but nothing special. If you have some m3 hardware and heat sets from your build you are probably good to go. 

Compatibility: Super Stealth Orbiter works with Orbiter 1.5 (I think that means the 1.0 should work too. Not sure.), the new MGN 12 based X-carriage (bolts go in from the front) and StealthBurner of course.


Please do leave a comment and let me know how its working for you.

If anyone wants to see a version for 2.0, send me one! Ill model it up and test it out. Don't need the motor, just extruder 🙂

Finally, Ill try get a GitHub repo up for this as well. 



Thanks to 3dPmamsih. His design is the foundation for the Super Stealth Orbiter. I believe he adapted his design from Eytecz LGX lite mount, so big thanks to him too. (https://github.com/Eytecz/LGX_Lite_Stealthburner_CW2_style_mount/ ) "for his mount of lgx lite on SB to inspire me to complete this orbiter 1.5" .




PTFE path 2.jpg



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