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PCB_Klicky_Mount v. 1.0.1

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About This File

This model is for the PCB Klicky probe available from Fysetc, as featured in the Whopping Voron Mods pack - whopping_Voron_mods/pcb_klicky at main · tanaes/whopping_Voron_mods · GitHub

PCB Klicky is based on 2 mods - Klicky Probe by JosAr and Euclid Probe.

I really didn't like the original dock that came in the mod pack, I found it to be very fiddly and ineffective for holding the probe.

This replaces  the dock-front_insert.stl file from the pack.


This dock has an enlarged hole on the front to fit the magnet attached to the probe, it also has a space behind big enough to fit a 6x3mm magnet to help hold the probe in place. As well a this, it has tabs on the top to cover the klicky while docking and undocking.

This model should be printed upright (as loaded when opened in your slicer) with Voron specs. 

Tested and working on one of my custom 2.4r2's

I went through 2 other iterations of this design before settling on the one that's uploaded;

V1 kept to the height of the original dock, however, was slightly too tight all over and didn't have the back magnet mounting. V2 saw an increase in the height of the tabs, allowing for slightly more space to rest the PCB. This proved to be a better fit, but I wasn't happy with the sizing of the front magnet hole - in this iteration I included the back magnet hole. V3 saw an increase in the hole sizing on the front, this enables the probe to dock and undock effortlessly, with no thought. 


**ADDED 28th JUNE 2023**


I have also now made a side mount to attach probe to an adjustable docking station - I use a Volcano hotend and the standard dock isn't long enough, also the side mount doesn't fit the adjustable mount. This enables you to use a longer print head and still use things like the nozzle scrub mod 🙂



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