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Crossrail v. 2021.12.21

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About This File


Crossrail is a railway construction project underway mainly in central London. Its aim is to provide...

Crossrail is a printed adapter for RSP-200-24 or LRP-200-24 power supplies and DRP-03 brackets. It allows the power supply to be mounted securely across the rails (or vertically as it's sometimes called).

The alternate part crossrail_slot is the same mount but with slots to allow 10mm adjustment in either direction

Bill of materials

  • 2 x DRP-03 DIN rail power supply plate (Mouser, Digikey, Time, Ebay, powersuppliesonline.co.uk etc). These need to be cut to create one fixed end and one sprung end. I used a chop saw but a hacksaw or grinder would work too. File or deburr the cut edges if needed.
  • 8 x M4x6 socket button head screws
  • 2 x crossrail.stl or crossrail_slot.stl (or one of each)


For crossrail.stl the DIN rails need to be spaced 120mm apart centre-to-centre (that's a 85mm gap for 35mm rails). crossrail_slot.stl has 10mm adjustment in either direction to allow for different rail spacing (although the rails should still be parallel).


DRP-03 before cutting and in normal use

crossrail crossrail

2 x DRP-03 after cutting






Insert 2 M4x6 screws for power supply and fix to DRP-03


Same for the other DRP-03


Screw to the power supply



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