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Found 3 results

  1. I am not affiliated with SchmidtProto in any way and am giving my honest feedback and review. FFC stands for "Flexible Flat Cables" I just received my Voron FFC Mod parts in the mail 4 days after ordering it, and I am excited to get use this on my Fystec kit opposed to using the included drag chains. The PCB appear to be super high quality and came package neatly and safely in separate packaging in a sturdy shipping box. I am really interested in how this works for a few reasons, obviously weight and wear will be different opposed to the standard umbilical, but also because I have a Dremel3D45 that has over 500 hours and it too uses FFC. Seller's FAQ With the recent release of Voron Trident, will this kit be compatible? Yes, this kit will work with the Trident just as well as the 2.4. Does this kit come with a 'Toolhead' PCB? Yes, this is intrinsic to the mod. There are 3 PCBs total. One at the Z/Y axis junction, one at the X/Y axis and one at the Toolhead. The toolhead PCB can be directly soldered to or used with 0.1" header pins/connectors. Do I need reflow or special soldering equipment? No, soldering is all through hole and any standard iron with a conical tip will work great. If you are interested, I was able t purchase the item straight from SchmidtProto. https://www.schmidtproto.com/shop
  2. As Stated in the title, this will be my build dairy for my recently purchased Fysetc Kit from Aliexpress. You can see the unboxing images here... The Printed Parts While this is not my first or even 5th printer, this is me first Voron Build. I expect there to be bumps in the road, but it is a learning process. In efforts of getting started quickly, I purchased a complete set of printed parts from Discord User "joshmurrah#2391" - including all the cosmetics. Documentation Issues Last night I started the process of sorting items and thought I was missing a part - I reached out to Josh and he was super quick and helpful to indicate that the part pictured in the V2.4 manual is actually updated and was able to identify very quickly where the parts laid on my photograph of parts on my table. Kudos for the support from Josh - HIGHLY recommended! On page 23 of the current V2.4 Manual, the new part looks like this... For reference, this is a photo pf the current manuals rendition of the Motor mount... Sorting and ID After laying out all my parts, I grouped the items in 6 different bags to help with assembly ensuring that I didn't have to dig through ALL of the parts every-time I wanted to work on the printer build. Please follow this topic for updates and additional information on the build!
  3. Version 2021.09.27


    A user submitted mod for LGX referenced in this post....
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