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Voron 2.4r2 350mm build - Formbot kit - and yes - MODS galore


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Planning Phase:

Hello me again. Still have the one kit that has been lying in storage for quite some time and decided to get it out and buiild the printer. Due to time constraints this may be a much slower build than the others.

Will follow the same structure as the Trident build with mods incorporated into the build as I go along. Having built a 2.4r2, I hope this build will be quite straightforward - but then there are the mods:

I think that is it, but with me ----- you never know

As some of the mods (Silicone brush holder, Orbiter 2 Mellow Fly combination for e.g) will involve some Fusion 360 work, it may take a while. Though I followed @claudermilkadvise and watched all the lessons from Paul McWorther, I still struggle with the more intriquite designs in Fusion 360. Might call on @Penatr8tor for some advice when the time comes.

Next - Color decisions.


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Color Combination:

First of all - a BIG shout out to @Chrizzargh for his Printer color configuration Web Site. Great tool to have, but hell it made me doubt my color combinations.

My initial thought and in my mind I thought it would work was Pine green, but then the Trident looks so good in grey


Well this new toy I discovered made me think - lets try red (Traditional Voron colors) or yellow (First Voron2.4r2 is Red AND Yellow)


What other filament do I have? Lime Green, White, Light blue, Blue, Purple, Orange




Made My choice - watch this space


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8 hours ago, mvdveer said:

I think that is it

Wow, that's a list - it's hard to believe there is a printer somewhere in there 🤣 I would second @Penatr8tor monochrome suggestion. Since this thing  is the size (and complexity) of the Death Star then we can point out you forgot the turbo-laser mod.

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9 hours ago, mvdveer said:

VFach Filter (Thanks @Buurman)

No problem! advise, do look into printing the grid custom, with your own infill, prints much better, I have it at 50 infill and works great.

The default grid just takes forever to print, this is on the coal/carbon case.


Looking forward to your build buddy!!


Neon Yellow? 😛 jsut finished this one, picked up yesterday! another happy Voron guy!

PS.. I like the grey/black style, but you need a really nice grey... I am now starting printing parts with obsidian black with sparkles!


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Well progress has abruptly halted before it really even got started.

Got a heater failure on a brand new Revo Voron hotend (on the Trident) 80% through a 8 hour print. Not happy. Means I will have to print a printhead to fit a dragon hotend, as the replacement heater cartridge has to come from e3d in the UK. Or I could just buy one locally, I guess.

Loosing confidence in this product

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2 hours ago, mvdveer said:

Loosing confidence in this product

yeah, you hear it so often, I suddenly had peaks during heat-up this week, went over 270 degrees while it should have been 250. 

Didnt have it after anymore, so cant explain it, keeping an eye on it... 

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1 hour ago, smirk said:

That's a very important point @claudermilk should we be concerned by the number of Voron @mvdveer is building? Guess as long as he doesn't use the self-replication mod then we'll be safe.

I was on the Voron FB group the other day and there was a guy that post his 10th Voron build.


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3 hours ago, Buurman said:

must be at 10 by now?

Nah - 6 Vorons only (3 x V0, 1 X SW 1x 2.4r2, 1X Trident) - still a way to go 😅.  Busy with number 7 - no more until I print the storage unit

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