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Found 5 results

  1. Version 2022.04.17


    Trident Inverted Electronics Bay Mod (but can be used for the 2.4 as well with a hinged bed mod) Major update to align with 2.4r2 fan mounts! Included in the CAD (but not STLs) are the V2.4r2 skirt screw-on fan mounts. The STLs are available from the 2.4r2 STL repository. Newly added: C shaped din rail supports so no additional hardware is required. Also allows rails to be more easily installed front to back of printer if desired, as the C shape allows them to be installed around the power inlet and PiPlate. You do not need custom panels! The front Z stepper mounts have been modified to remove the captive part of the plate that locked the panel in place, so it can be just dropped in as shown in the animated gif below. No additional hardware required, BOM parts only.
  2. Version 2022.05.09


    Horseshoe Spool Holder This is a method to mount the filament spool inside the enclosure of a Voron Trident 3d printer, or outside a V0, V1 or V2 printer. It works with 200mm, 1kg spools only. For mounting internally in the Trident, the ptfe tube is installed as shown: up through the gap in the side of the rear extrusion. Alternately you could drill a 4mm hole though the B stepper mount top and bottom parts. To install the spool: Feed the filament through the ptfe first, then align the spool into the front and top bearing rings, and pull forward to spring the frame and drop into the rear bearing ring. BOM: 3 608 bearings (any type) 2 M5-8mm (pan/socket) head bolts and 2 M5-Tnuts for 2020 extrusion only OR 4 M3-8mm (pan/socket) head bolts and 4 M3-Tnuts for 1515 extrusion 3 - M3-8mm bolts (pan/socket) Internal Version for Trident only Print PlasticBolt(x3) and use a m3-8mm PH or SH bolt to secure the pin in place. External version for V0, V1, V2 Print ShortPlasticBolt(3x) and use a m3-8mm PH or SH bolt to secure the pin in place. Please provide feedback for issues/suggestions to #Logan2225 on VoronDesign Discord. Thanks!
  3. Version 2022.04.16


    If you want to mount your Raspberry Pi so the usb and ethernet ports are externally accessable, look no further. Supported: Pi 3B/4B and Trident or Voron 2.4 machines. New Support added for Voron 2.4 250 size, and all 3 sizes of V2.4r2 BOM: Uses stock hardware, no additional parts required. M2 screws for Pi to plate, other hardware is the same as stock skirt installation.
  4. Version 2022.04.21


    This is a simple mount for attaching wago 221-41x to extrusion: by power inlet and under bed, or to Din Rails, for smaller builds. BOM - 2x M5-10mm bolts This is a simple angled mount for wago 221-41x blocks in sets of 3 that mount to a din rail using the Trident power supply din rail clip. Original design by Socal3D on voron discord, I just cleaned up the design and added the mount. BOM - 2x M3-8mm bolts, Wago 221-41x
  5. Version 2022.04.26


    Combo Inlet for Trident, 2.4 and 2.4r2 These skirt plates are for the fuse-filter-switch combo c14 inlets. Wide switch Shaffner FN283-10-06 inlets, metal case up to 57mm width. Or equivalent product from a reputable reseller. Amazon/Aliexpress not recommended. Narrow switch in the style of adamstech inlets, metal case up to 48mm width. BOM - Same as stock part, plus: 2 - M3 5x4mm heatsets (voron standard) 2 - M3-8mm flat head screws (or longer)
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