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V0 Bed Fan v. 1.0.0

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About This File

Bed fan mount for the V0. Uses an 80x80x25mm fan, I used this GDSTime one. It makes the enclosure heat up faster, and the bed cool down faster after prints.

Fan definition:

[fan_generic enclosure_fan]
pin: PB8
max_power: 1.0
shutdown_speed: 0
cycle_time: 0.01
hardware_pwm: False
kick_start_time: 0.1
off_below: 0.2

Klipper macro for preheating the enclosure:

[gcode_macro PREHEAT]
    M140 S110   ; Preheat bed
    M104 S160   ; Preheat hotend
    M106 S255   ; Part fan at max
    {% if 'xyz' not in printer.toolhead.homed_axes %}
      G28         ; Home axes
    {% endif %}
    G0 X60 Y60 Z110 F5000   ; Move bed down and AB to middle
    M190 S110   ; Wait for bed to hit 110
    SET_FAN_SPEED FAN=enclosure_fan SPEED=1

If you use this, make sure to also turn off the enclosure fan in the PRINT_START:

SET_FAN_SPEED FAN=enclosure_fan SPEED=0

Klipper macro for cooling down the bed after the print ends:

[gcode_macro COOLDOWN]
    {% if printer.toolhead.position.z < 110 %}
        G0 Z110 F3600
    {% endif %}
    SET_FAN_SPEED FAN=enclosure_fan SPEED=1
    M106 S255   ; Part fan to max
[gcode_macro PRINT_END_COOLDOWN]
    M400                           ; wait for buffer to clear
    G92 E0                         ; zero the extruder
    G1 E-4.0 F3600                 ; retract filament

    {% set max_y = printer.configfile.config["stepper_y"]["position_max"]|float %}
    G0 X60 Y{max_y} F3600
    M190 S50    ; Wait for bed to cool down (note: will heat to 50)
    M190        ; Turn off bed
    ; Turn off fans
    SET_FAN_SPEED FAN=enclosure_fan SPEED=0

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