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Demosth Fysetc 350mm Kit 2.4 Build - FFC, Dragon HF, Spider


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As Stated in the title, this will be my build dairy for my recently purchased Fysetc Kit from Aliexpress. You can see the unboxing images here... 

The Printed Parts

While this is not my first or even 5th printer, this is me first Voron Build. I expect there to be bumps in the road, but it is a learning process. In efforts of getting started quickly, I purchased a complete set of printed parts from Discord User "joshmurrah#2391" - including all the cosmetics.


Documentation Issues

Last night I started the process of sorting items and thought I was missing a part - I reached out to Josh and he was super quick and helpful to indicate that the part pictured in the V2.4  manual is actually updated and was able to identify very quickly where the parts laid on my photograph of parts on my table. Kudos for the support from Josh - HIGHLY recommended!

On page 23 of the current V2.4 Manual, the new part looks like this...
Updated V2.4 Motor Mount

For reference, this is a photo pf the current manuals rendition of the Motor mount...

Sorting and ID

After laying out all my parts, I grouped the items in 6 different bags to help with assembly ensuring that I didn't have to dig through ALL of the parts every-time I wanted to work on the printer build.


Please follow this topic for updates and additional information on the build!

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Finally started the assembly last night, A few firsts for me.

  1. Had to figure out how to clean up some ABS stress marks on parts, A post about that here.
  2. Heat Insets, super simple, I dialed my my solder iron to 200C and slowly pushed them in. Easy Cheesy.

I decided to Start my build on page 18 on the V2.4 manual, This is simply due to not taking up extra space in my home starting with the frame. White I haven't yet completed all 4 drives. 

On to my notes and comments...

  1. Get everything together and ready to go, having all the parts in front of you makes the process smoother.
  2. Page 19 - Installing heat inserts. I wish I would have know that inserts would be require later on page 21, could have done them in one fell swoop.
    Installed Heat Insets
  3. Page 19, Belt Drive Shaft Assembly -
    1. Specific to the Fysetc kit, the "M5 Shim" is labeled "M5 1MM Spacer" This took me a few moments to locate with all my parts. You can see the labeled bag in this photo
    2. The 625 bearing on the diagram are free floating until the two Z-Drive housings are attached together. I found it easiest to leave them off until i assembled the drive housing.
  4. Page 21 - combining the Z-Drive housings and installing the assemble Z-Drive gears. Don't forget the belt loops before assembling, ensure the bearing fit in the proper slot on the housing.

    More to come!


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3 hours ago, Killajoedotcom said:

Any progress over the last month? I'm sure you must be nearly complete.

I only wish! I had a job change, which means i spent less time doing what I expected - BUT things are settling down and I hope to get back into it this week!

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