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Greetings from the Pacific Northwest


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Hello All,

I recently joined Team FDM. I'm a software engineer living in the beautiful state of Washington. I started in the 3d printer hobby about a year ago after purchasing a Prusa MK3S+. Since then, I've acquired 4 additional Prusa MK3S/+ printers, 2 Prusa MINI+ printers, and built a Voron V0 and a Voron Trident. I have a second V0 (Siboor) kit and a Siboor Enderwire Upgrade kit sitting in boxes, and almost finished acquiring parts to build a Tri-Zero + Box Zero + Plus50. I really enjoy tinkering and upgrading with my printers. All of my Prusa printers have been upgraded in one way or another. All of them have one form of Bondtech extruder and Slice Engineering hot ends (Copperhead for Mini's, Mosquito, Mosquito Magnums and one with a Revo 60w heater and high flow nozzles) for MK3s. I have flashed one of my MK3's to Klipper. I'm considering flashing a few more to Klipper as well, though I will keep at least one on the stock marlin firmware to setup my MMU3 that's sitting next to me in the box. 

My first V0 is the stock LDO kit build. The Trident has upgraded CNC X Bar, Vitaly CNC Tap, Inverted Electronics bay. I have a Galileo 2 extruder kit on the way and still trying to decide what I'm going to do for hotend (currently has the Revo, but I also have a Stealthburner + LGX lite + Mosquito kit from Bondtech that I may use or pull the Mosquito Magnum from the Prusa). I have a habit of buying parts, then changing my mind as to what parts I want to use.

I am looking forward to continuing the journey in the 3D print hobby and meeting and learning from folks in the community!



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Welcome to the forum Jeff. You sound like me - buying parts then changing your mind 😆

I have a Trizero and a Boxzero and those were fun to build. Have not done the plus 50 but built a Voron Micron instead. Also have a 300 and a 350 V2.4r2', a switchwire, trident (250), V0.1 and VZBot. Building the second Trident (300mm) now. 

Would love to see your builds posted in a build diary

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3 hours ago, claudermilk said:

Welcome to the forum! Started in the hobby a year ago...and that list of printers..."Well, that escalated quickly!" 😄

Lol, yes it certainly did. I didn't like having to wait to start a new print when I only had one printer. Now I have more than I know what to do with.

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