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First Build - Voron 0.1


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Well, my journey in the world of Voron. Having modified several printers, decided I was going to build a Voron 2.4 300mm. Sourced and printed all parts. Guess what - it went from 2.4 to 2.4r with a bit of reprinting to be done.  Read a lot, thought a lot, decided - put 2.4r on hold (put away all individually sourced parts and printed components - took a BIG tub to fit it all in) and why not start with something less complicated - a Voron0.1

Again sourced all the parts individually - decided on a coler scheme - printed all the parts and finally started the build last Friday evening. 

And what fun this has been.

Here are some photos of the progress so far:

From this :



To this over 3 days:



Measured trice, not just twice


Paid off as the bed just falls effortlessly along the Z-rails due to gravity alone.








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Ran into interesting problem. Decided to test the electronics prior to continuing the build - installing skirts and panels. could not get the machine to home X and Y correctly. Changed direction pins, etc. Rewired the motors - no joy. Did a lot of reading and came across a post mentioning NOT to change only one axis direction pin. If you reverse the direction for X-Axis, you need to reverse the direction for Y as well. Did that - only issue then - Y homed normally, X direction was reversed. Founds the following in the config under [stepper_x]: 

   position_endstop: 120
  position_max: 120
  homing_speed: 50 # Can be increased after initial setup, Max 100
  homing_retract_dist: 5
  homing_positive_dir: true


Change the above values to position_endstop: 0 

                                                homing_positive_dir: False

Homing perfectly now. Will have to see how it translates to printing later on. Don't know if this is a known issue. I find the Discord forums confusing and difficult to search.

Now to continue the build.

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Well that hiccup was indeed a bit BURP. Did the first test print and everything was mirrored. Racked my brain, trolled the forums and finally it clicked - Reversed the A and B motors input on the SKR board. All up and running and printing great 


. Great fun, lots of learning - now for the 2.4r build.



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Initially did not have layer fan on for ABS and first time using this filament. HotEnd too hot. In process of reprinting these parts. Were printed on Ender 3v2. Now using the Voron0 to print replacements.

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Serial Request submitted on Reddit. 

Happy with the build. What a great little printer. Even though it has such a small build volume, this has now become my goto printer and favourite of all.

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Just now, Killajoedotcom said:

Looks really great! Awesome color choice too. I need to focus on getting mine up and running.

Certainly has been fun to build. Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for the kind words. So satisfying once it is up and running. You will enjoy the journey. I certainly did. good luck with the build!


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35 minutes ago, Rainforestnomad said:

Looks great! I'm partway through building my own Voron0.1. I also have printed all of the parts on a modified Ender3Pro. What can you tell me about the LGX extruder vs the original design?

The original designs are great and works exceptionally well. I have Afterburner toolhead on my Ender 3 v2, Ender5 Plus and Tronxy X5SA. Only issue I have that is after time, it needs some maintenance and adjustment and I have replaced the extruder body of these toolhead at least once on all the machines due to wear. This may reflect that I have installed these on non-Voron machines where the toolhead movement may cause wear and tear.

I replaced the extruder on the Ender3V2 with a LGX extruder with amazing results. Better print quality due to the larger gears and ability of the extruder to ignore minor imperfections in the filament. 

The Voron 0 has LGX-mini and I am in the process of replacing all extruders with the LGX. My next build - Voron 2.4r2 will start with the original stealth burner design and then I will decide whether to replace with a LGX or not


Happy building


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11 hours ago, Killajoedotcom said:

Looks really great! Awesome color choice too. I need to focus on getting mine up and running.


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This build journey has ended. Serial number V0.1632

Printing great.

Next build - Voron 2.4r2 - will post as soon as I get started.

Thanks for the support, advice and help.

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16 hours ago, EricD said:

I'm having second thoughts about my chosen colour scheme with my blue frame. Your's looks absolutely splendid! What are the colours and filaments you used? I may have to imitate your chosen scheme...... 🤗

Filament: Aurarum ABS (local filament manufacturer and supplier here in ringwood, Melbourne, Australia)

Colors: Beige


and Sky Blue


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Thanks for that info, I've definitely been remiss in not think about my colours carefully enough, your scheme has sparked something in my creative colouring juices, should be fun because I am a bit red/green colour blind. Cheers.

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