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Exhaust 90 v. 2021.09.01

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About This File

Exhaust 90° Mod (Guided max angle radius for smooth filament sliding)

  • Voron-Team: Its the default 2.4 Exhaust, but modified!
  • @falo2k: Magnetic Grill Cover (Awesome guy, my Grill Cover is exactly his Grill Cover, only with a recessed filament hole, to match the Exhaust 90° Mod.) So all credits to him!
  • Default voron settings, correct orientation, no supports needed!
  • 6x M3 heat inserts
  • 4x M3x25 SHCS (Fan Screws)
  • 2x M3x8 BHCS (Grill Screws)
  • 4x 6x3 Magnets (Grill)
  • 4x 6x3 Magnets (Cover)
  • Foam Tape, please check falo2k for this Magnetic Grill Cover
  • PTFE Tube (3mm ID / 4mm OD)
  • 2x Mount Pieces
  • Exhaust Mod with as less as possible ptfe tube bending. The ptfe tube is guided. I highly recommend an 4mm OD and 3mm ID ptfe tube. But all other ptfe tubes fits either. The magnetic cover parts are a nice touch.
  • Housing: Only modified for better printability. So no supports needed and it's easy printable. You don't have to use this whole set. The housing is compatible with all

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