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Found 20 results

  1. Version 2020.12.14


    Voron V2.4 Skirt Buttons Mod Switches Needed Printer Size Qty Needed 350 12 300 8 250 4 You need 12*12mm 5mm tactile switches. Make sure they are through hole, not SMD! Here are a few examples: Amazon: https://amzn.to/3788dfZ Aliexpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_eKCJlo Wiring Put the switches in the hexagons, bend the legs of the switches. Wire one side of the switches together, connect to the mcu or Pi (depending on your config). Connect seperate wires to the opposite sides. I recommend using hot glue to keep the wires in place. Otherwise you may disconnect the solder joints, or worse, break the legs of the switches when installing by accident. Gluing The Buttons I recommend using hot glue for attaching the printed button caps to the switches. You can also use super glue, but you may need to space the caps by putting a washer in between as hot glue is thicker. You may need to cut the elephant foot if the buttons get stuck when pressed. Config Options You have 2 choices: Using FW of your 3D printer (like Klipper), or using Octoprint's Enclosure plugin. Config for Klipper Here is the relevant config info from GitHub page of Klipper. # Execute gcode when a button is pressed or released (or when a pin # changes state). You can check the state of the button by using # QUERY_BUTTON button=my_gcode_button #[gcode_button my_gcode_button] #pin: # The pin on which the button is connected. This parameter must be # provided. #press_gcode: # A list of G-Code commands to execute when the button is pressed. # G-Code templates are supported. This parameter must be provided. #release_gcode: # A list of G-Code commands to execute when the button is released. # G-Code templates are supported. The default is to not run any # commands on a button release. Config for Octoprint Install the plugin
  2. Version 2020.12.14


    # V0 OLED
  3. Version 2020.12.14


    # M4 Mod For V0 This mod lets you mount a Mobius 4 on a Voron 0. This mod will interfere with the rear panel if you use the printed 80T idler. Alternatives are either using the Powge Voron 80T pulley, or using my no rear panel mod. I wrote a manual for assembly. You can find that here. Printed Parts Needed in M4 Files You need both .stl files included in the mod folder, also you need: main_body_mirror.stl latch_shuttle.stl [a]_latch.stl [a]_guidler_mirror.stl [a]_5x4mm_spacer.stl Confirmed Motors That Work I will edit this list if more motors are confirmed working. E3D Slimline Motor Confirmed Motors That Don't Work Tevo Titan Pancake Motor LDO High Temp 0.9 Motor LDO-42STH25-1404MAH
  4. Version 2020.09.29

    1 download

    # DuetZero Duet2 Pi Zero Mount This is a Raspberry Pi Zero mount intended to mount OVER a Duet 2 (DuetWifi/Ethernet) to save space. You only need longer M3 screws for Duet mounting and M2 self tappers for Pi mounting. First mount the Zero on the piece, preferably inside as that is what is intended. Use 2 M2 self tappers for this. If the screws poke out on the other side cut the ends to prevent accidents. Then using M3 screws mount this to USB side of the Duet. This mount is intended for a Voron 0 but should work with any other Vorons.
  5. Version 2020.10.12


    This mod is to allow you to screw the front door panel (instead of VHB). You need 6x 6mm M3 screws and 6x M3 inserts. Designed for 3mm panels but should work with thinner panels as well, just use foam tape if the gap is too big. Insert the M3 inserts to the handle and corner pieces. Included drilling guides will let you drill the holes accurately. I recommend using 4mm (or whatever
  6. Version 2020.09.29


    # Rear Duct Mount w/ Umbilical Support This is to mount a 100mm/4
  7. Version 2020.12.14


    V0 Raspberry Pi Camera Mount Attaches to the corner bracket of the top hat using a longer M3 screw. Camera mount taken from: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3017729
  8. Version 2020.10.12


    A replacement middle skirt that doesn't protrude below the bottom plate, and has no fan mounts.
  9. Version 2020.12.14


    Electronics Cover Mod For V0 You need 4x Threaded Inserts
  10. Version 2020.09.29


    # Flat V2.4 Skirts This is to mount a flat bottom panel without cutouts. Includes rear filtered inlet and side middle skirts. No front skirt as that is on a hinge anyway. Inlet skirt uses M3 inserts.
  11. Version 2020.06.10


    This is for mounting the stock Omron Relay to the DIN rails without buying the Omron mount. You will also need the
  12. Version 2020.09.29


    # Car Hood Style Heatbed Hinge System BOM
  13. Version 2020.06.10


    This is for mounting a Adafruit MAX31865 board (and SAME SIZE clone) to the DIN rails. You will also need the
  14. Version 2020.09.29


    This mounts to the top hat. You need to print 4x of them. Fits on a v0 bed with creative angles. LED Module Example (TR only, try to find similar): https://www.iled.com/urun/3000k-2835-smd-samsung-led-bar-ic-mekan-35-led-24v-50cm
  15. Version 2020.06.10


    This is for mounting a Raspberry Pi 4 Relay Module to the DIN rails. You will also need the
  16. Version 2020.06.22


    This mount is for some 50 cm PCB LEDs I found online. I have no idea if this is a common form factor or not but it is available on at least 3 stores here so I think it is. I am using this 24V Samsung module for this purpose. [Link (in Turkish, but you can use for comparing): https://www.iled.com/urun/3000k-2835-smd-samsung-led-bar-ic-mekan-35-led-24v-50cm ] You can cut these every 10cm, so the .stl is for just for that size. Just use multiple mounts for longer than 10cm. Print these in ABS, PLA warps with heat of the chamber. On a 350 voron 2.2 on the top extrusions you can mount 14 modules at once. Reduce as you go smaller. You will need 1 m3 screw and 1 m3 nut, along with 2 m5 screws and tnuts per module (use both holes, otherwise it may warp).
  17. Version 2020.09.29


    # HOYMK SSR Mount This is to mount a Chinese HOYMK SSR to a Voron 0. Please don't use this on a larger build! This is a Chinese product, it may not handle power needs of larger builds even if they claim that it does.
  18. Version 2020.09.29


    This works for this type of ADXL345 modules: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_dUndeBj Fits snugly into the 3 M2 screw holes for the X carriage. Module just slides in from the side. Attach the 2 pieces with M2 self tappers.
  19. Version 2020.09.29


    Very simple zip tie clip for V0's 1515 extrusions.
  20. Version 2020.09.29


    The point of these panels is to cover the mess in the rear chamber like the normal panel, but leave the extruder exposed for easy filament loading/unloading. The design includes cutouts for the bowden tube and an umbilical cord. Bottom panel attaches with 4x M38 to the rear extrusions. Top panel attaches with 2x M38 to the rear extrusions
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