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A grumpy old man builds a Voron (LDO 2.4 kit)


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So this is not my first Voron but it is my first published diary so bear with me.  

My previous builds (1.5 -> 1.6 and V0) were all self sourced which gives choice but can be very long winded and time consuming, so this time after much reading around I plmped for the LDO Kit in it's full 350mm size. There was a wait while the boat slowly chugged around but here is some of what arrived:

Amongst the stickers and card with URL links is an engraved metal stick on badge with what I assume is a unique serial number - neat!

Everything came extremely well packed and many boxes within boxes - all clearly labelled.



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Thanks - it's been easy so far, really helps to take your time with squaring the frame.

I have watched too many Youtube videos than is good for me but watching the different approaches people take has been really helpful.

Time perhaps to take a moment to recognise the huge efforts that the Voron Dev design team and testers make on behalf of those like myself who lack the skills and/or dedication to design the parts themselves. A big thank you to all !!!

Next up the linear rails...

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I used to think that IPA stood for 'India Pale Ale' but since a certain pandemic Isopropyl Alcohol is more likely to spring to mind. Because of the covid thing we now have stupid amounts of the wrong sort of IPA kicking about - perfect for washing out the linear rails. A quick bit of Lithium grease and we are ready to chose the best two for Y leaving the last four for Z.

None of them were in any way less than really good but two were just that bit smoother.



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Getting the T nuts all lined up, most of them went in easily but there were a couple that needed persuasion. I always seemed to be on the one extrusion so I am wondering if it's a slightly undersized extrusion or one wall that is a bit thick. Either way Z rails are on 🙂


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Thank you for sharing - love the quality of the photos. Would like to hear your experience with the LDO kit. I have build a self sourced v2.4r2 and V0 and have format kits for a 2.4 and trident on the shelf. Looks neatly packaged and extrusions beautifully tapped - on difference from the format kit I can deduce straight away.


Nice square frame, neat workspace - I am going to love following this build

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And so is the bottom panel with the DIN rails for electrical components later, there are some small printed clips which were still being printed at the time.baseplate.thumb.JPG.ede3500083327a8323aee42b72994de8.JPG


Just worked out how to add text after the image - dooh!

The panel comes covered in a protective paper layer which is great but a pain to remove, I like the matt finish - goes well with the frame. 

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Time to assemble some Z-drives, as most people already know the Voron 2.4 has four of them one in each corner and they eventually become part of the feet structure. Here are most of the bits:z_drivebits2.thumb.JPG.3d34d928e5ff2a3d6392fd40b11bd889.JPG

The toothed pulleys need their grub screws added - an extra marks to LDO for pre-applied threadlock:


Apolgies - a bit out of focus...

A word of caution here, the next image shows how not to set up the drive shafts:


All would have been fine if I had read the instructions which say a 33 mm from the pulley not 30 mm as I did. Easy to adjust you might think, sadly not. In order that the pulleys wouldn't move I had tightened the grub screws such that the pulley (soft alloy) and the drive shaft (again softer than the grub screw) had both distorted such that they had to be forced apart and filed back to shape. Next time - read the instructions more carefully.


On our way again, add the bearings:



and the shafts, pulleys and belts:



finally set them in the frame - which here is obviously still upside down.




Fun so far !



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