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Quick Guide to Voron Versions


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Time and time again, the question is asked, "What is the difference between Voron Printers?". Below is a quick overview of the differences and what is great about each.

  1. V0 - Voron0 tiny, cute, fast. I hope you like 120*120mm.  The cheapest full build option can print all the required parts for any other Voron build.
  2. V1 - Voron1 is a classic fixed-top gantry, moving bed. 250-300mm. Currently doesn't have automatic bed leveling; next version will. 
  3. V2 - Voron2 is a flying gantry, fixed bed. Probably most popular overall, but also the most expensive. It has the largest potential build volume, up to 350mm cubed. 
  4. VS - VoronSwitchwire is a CoreXZ design with bed flinger. It might be cheapest if you have a printer to cannibalize
  5. VL - VoronLegacy is a specialized one in the lineup for v1.6 that you don't want to replace with rails. It's a throwback model intentionally if you like old-school designs with some modern enhancements.
  6. VK - VoronKit was produced for minimal time; these are no longer produced and no longer available for purchase.

Voron Serial Registry: 
Currently issued serials as of July 13, 2021: 
V0: 581 
V1: 261 
V2: 1658 
VK: 19 
VL: 25 
VS: 191 
Total: 2735.

NOTE: This is not an extensive list of all Vorons built, the users who produce the second or third Vorrons may not request a serial number to be included in the registry, but it will give a rough idea of what is out there.

Additionally you can find longer descriptions in this FAQ 

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