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V2.3339 - Update to V2.4R2 and a few other things


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So my V2.4R0 was build with PIF parts from Germany (Australia does not have a PIF supplier)

The built was bases on a LDO frame and Magic Phoenix parts.

The mistake I made was not to make sure I could purchase the filament used for the accent, so I plan to switch colour.

Serial Request Link

The current build has a ABBN and a SHT42 CANBus board, but is still using the cable chains.

As of right now the CANBus power cable has a break at the XY join on the right, meaning the machine stops all the time.


With the broken wire a friend printed the X Carriage parts below for me while I was getting my V0 up to scratch. While building the X Carriage below I put a bolt in which was too long causing the white spot in the image. I'll reprint this once the machine is running again.


I plan to upgrade to a MGN12 X, a Stealthburner, GE5C Z Mount, Voron Tap, Rama's Front Idlers, Orbiter V2 (initially but switching to Vz-Hextrudort-Low Extruder) and a SHT36V2.

I'm not sure about is the X rail, I have the original aluminium, 20x20 machined aluminium tube, a carbon 20x20 tube and X/Y backers but not sure what combo I should select.

So as you can see, I have a number of decisions to make.

I need to get these upgrades done ASAP, as I want to start building my Trident.

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So I decided to go with the Aluminium X rail, after thinking about the temperature warning for the Carbon tube.

I also decided to test the rail for straightness using a machinist plate, as best as I could see it was straight with no visable light.

I then heated it to 65C using the bed of my printer and waited for 30 mins., again it seemed to be straight.

I then mounted the MGN12 rail loosely and heated it up again to 65C waited 30 and then tighten the rail

After cooling there was a little light visible in the Y axis (front/back) not the X axis (left/right)

Heated it back to 65 and this light could not be seen.




Got a few more things I post about before I actually start the upgrade


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