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Display housing for BTT TFT35 SPI V2.1, for the BTT CB1 specific display v. 3

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I think I finally got to a version that prints without a bunch of weird settings and crazy supports.

This is a screen case for the BTT TFT35 SPI V2.1 that BigtreeTech introduced for their CB1, Raspberry Pi alternative.  The CB1 has the drivers for this display built-in.    I went created and printed multiple variations of this design over the last few days, and kept having difficulty coming up with a bezel design that both looked good, and was doable on a FDM printer.  Keeping the overhands, bridges and support requirements low was the hard part.

This version looks like it will work, and also should give you options for various color variations.

The Screen sits a couple millimeters below the level of the housing face, which allows the bezel's accent insert to cover the electronics traces around the screen perimeter.   The accent insert is printed separately and glued to the screen retainer using a few drops of super glue.  The screen retainer and bezel insert both have locating features, which will help you keep everything aligned while gluing them together.


The housing attaches to your Voron using 2 M3x8mm socket head cap screws, in the same manner as the Voron skirts.   The screen retainer needs 4 M3x6mm socket head cap screws that thread into the screen retainer from the backside, to secure the screen into the housing.

The little logo insert also is glued in place with a drop of super glue.  The bezel parts will give best results printed at .1mm or less layer height.


The included file for the skirts are the 300mm size, and are included for your convenience.  They are the same file as the default Voron 300mm skirt and covered under Voron's GNU 3.0 license.  The screen case is of my own design.


For those of you who already printed one of the earlier versions, I apologize for the inconvenience.  All files are updated to the latest version.




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