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Afterburner Connector Cover 42STH20 1004AS v. 2021.08.24

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About This File

Afterburner connector cover for 42STH20-1004AS stepper motor

The Afterburner is designed for the 17HS08-1004S stepper motor. This stepper has notches where the motor body is screwed together and the connector cover uses the space inbetween the cable chain connector and the notch. My Afterburner uses an LDO-42STH20-1004AS2 which doesn't have this notch, hence this modified cable cover. This cable cover is designed to not need any new hardware and therefore is attached on top of the screw heads instead of being held down by the screws. This also makes the removal of the cover a little quicker, since you only have to unscrew 1/3 of the screws. There is also a little more room for cables since the cover is longer and the exit hole is a little larger.

Verified to fit on

  • LDO-42STH20-1004AS2 on SwitchWire

Comparison to the original connector cover


What is modified from the original?

  • A few mm longer so that it goes past both the motor and the cable chain mount
  • Larger cable exit so that my wires fit better
  • A little bit modified in the back not to hit the cable chain
  • Larger holes for the screws since this is actually not bolted down, it just snaps in place on top of the bolt heads


  • Just this printed part, everything else is stock

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Exodius User Exodius Afterburner with this mod installed


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