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🇺🇸💯   just found out about TEAM FDM Forums and Build diary.  so this is day number 3 of  my trident build.
trident 300 x 300, voronkits.com,  PIF, Fabreeko, HoneyBadger, BTT, Bondtech
so as of tonight i have finished the frame, linear rail mounting, feet, steppers, x-gantry, and belts. motion system is in effect. i have checked racking, squared up every joint, squared the gantry, and tightened the belts. did want to mention that all the printed parts i received from Will @ PIF. the blue and black colors actually look pretty good together.  im still in quite a bit of shock about how much the Voron community works together.

  i am off to continue my build , tonight is bed i believe.  after this trident is done i will be building a Voron 0.1 so stay tuned.

Ya'll Print Like a Pro🤠



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heres a few updated pics on my trident build
     got the bed frame mounted
     bed heater on and not liking the RTV situation
     bought a Revo Voron for my Stealth Burner
     also managed to get my company logo engraved or laser burned into my V0.1 back panel, pretty excited about that









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