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Stealthburner neopixel part LED not ON






Do you know where should i look at my led problem

It was on only logo when I first config the led in printer cfg.

I was happy i didnt know what actual light should be on and when all LED will be on.

Then sometime later along the building and fixing issue suddenly when power on the 2 part led on green while logo on and white.

And sometime later i fixed things later the part led green off again. But logo LED still on normally.

Then once i got everything and start initial tuning pid and stuff.
Part led on again this time white same as logo.

Logo has always been on.

After i got klicky install and with led cfg.

My logo start to have status color as macro in the config.
But part led off again.


Please tell me how yo debug.



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Since i ran out of canbus microfit connector coz i made so many mistake and had to recrimp many times.

Now i ran out of connector and pin.

I cant find this type of connector and pin in my local or even in my country.


So i had time to take apart the SB and check the LED.

The last one in the chain the data line not connect. So i had to resoldered.

So i hope this fix it.

I just wonder how neopixel work?

The last chain lose it impact the one before too?

I have to wait for connector to deliver in a week from China.

I have no idea to to test SB LED without starting printer without canbus...

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2 hours ago, Pradit said:

I have no idea to to test SB LED without starting printer without canbus...

I suspect you would be better off waiting for the new connectors to arrive. Each Neopixel has it own inbuilt controller so you need some other elelctronics to control that and send in the approrpiate signals (it's basically not as simple as an actual regular LED device).

If you had another controller like and arduino uno, you could wire up the individual neopixels (there's numerous online tutorials regards connecting Neopixels to Aduinos like this one). Having said that, unless you've already had the bits on hand, it is a level of complexity that makes it not worthwhile. Better wait for the new connector.

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From what I understand reading about it is the controller (Pi in our case) sends a string of values. The first NeoPixel grabs the first set of values to set itself, strips them off, then sends the rest along to the next in line. Each one does the same along the line, stripping off its own instruction each time. That's why you need the third signal wire in addition 5V & GND.

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