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Voron LDO Trident 300 build


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Hello everyone,


This is my second Voron printer build, my first being a Voron0 which has been a fantastic little printer. But I needed something a little larger, so I ended up buying a LDO Trident kit.

I wanted to visualize the colour scheme of my new Trident a little better than I did with my V0 build. I know there are a few good web based colour configurators for Voron's out there but I needed a little more control. As I know my way around blender quite well and Fusion360 feels quite unfamiliar to me, I ended up importing the cad model (exported as stl) into blender and colouring as needed. Anyway, I have decided on quite a dark scheme with a touch of Voron red. Will post some 'real' build photo's soon. 


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Welcome to the forum and quite like your colour scheme, Unlike you and @atrushing, I am a not familiar with blender, didn't even know it existed until I started  using the Mini-Stealthburner.

@polygonprint would you mind heading over to introductions and tell us a little about yourself. I am sure the other members would love to get to know you as well.

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Thanks smirk, mvdveer and claudermilk.

I fussed over the colours for too long. But I'm happy with the way it is looking and keen to get the printer built, tuned and running as well as possible. I'm guessing most of us mod our machines to an extent, so colours can be changed at a later stage if needed. One thing I have noticed when comparing the Trident build to my V0 is - it's a little easier to go back a few steps and make changes on the Trident.

Quick progress update. The build plate now has its magnet stuck down which is what I did today. Am hoping to drop it into the machine tomorrow and continue with the partially complete clockwork extruder and Stealthburner assembly. Fingers crossed I may get that finished over the weekend.


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