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LDO Trident 300 Kit


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Day one

Finally got off my butt and got my kit build started. Didn't get really far. Working on it while trying to get some other projects done, so you'll have to pardon the mess. 

Got frame done. Only had to take it apart 3 times. Had one extrusion facing the wrong way, forgot to install Y rails, and forgot to install nutbars. Everything checked out square in the end though. 

Following the manual and Steve Builds YouTube series. First build, so I'm doing it step by step. Trying to make sure I miss as much as possible, that worked out well the first day, lol. 

Had to stop, because I forgot to clean and prep linear rails ahead of time. I'll work some more on it tomorrow hopefully. Will try to take pics when I remember. 




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Good progress for day-one. I don't think it would be a build without forgetting something/fitting something backwards/having to dissamble. All part of the fun!

I highly approve of your security fencinng to keep prying hands away from the work area (although you might need spikes along the top).

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Day two

Got rails on,mounted Z Steppers, got gantry built and installed, and ran belts. So far it's going pretty well. Only big thing I had to redo today was my bed mounts. You can see it the pics, I mounted every single one of them upside down the first time. Oh well, I got a good laugh at it. 

I think I have some racking going on in the gantry, but not a lot. I'll have to do some research. Running the belts was interesting. Followed Steve Builds' way of doing it. Did one, cut, pull it out, and cut second one the same length. Started with the bottom one. Ran it perfect the first time and when I reinstalled it. Upper one, I wound up missing one of the pulleys the first time, so had to pull it about halfway out and redo. 

Have to figure out if I have the parts to go straight to the Klicky mod or start with proximity sensor until I can get parts printed. 

Had BoxxyPrints.com print all of my parts. So far they've all, been perfect. I would highly recommend them. I may even use them again in the future if I'm working on something else and I don't want to take the time to print them. 

Busy day in between. Not getting in any hurry. Won't have a lot of time during the week to work on it. If I'm lucky I'll have an hour maybe two each night. 





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Great progress! I mostly only spent 1-3 hours a day building my Trident. I did the bulk of wiring on a Saturday and...well...4-5 hours evaporated without me noticing it.

Don't feel bad on the bed mounts. I did the exact same thing. I was wondering why the lock nuts & screws fit so poorly and were such a PITA considering the rest of the printer was so well designed. Then I realized my mistake. Unbuilding is just part of the experience.

I also approve of the security fencing to keep the baby Trident safe.

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