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Clockwork 2 for Stealthburner with UM2 clip (bowden tube clamp) - alpha


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Inspired by the LGX lite Mount for the Stealthburner, I really liked the possibility to use a UM2 clip to lock your bowden tube.

https://github.com/Eytecz/LGX_Lite_Stealthburner_CW2_style_mount (images and STEP files there)

I like the Stealthburner, but I really dont like inserting filament, pushing a bit too hard and pushing out the bowden tube...

So, I thought, can I make this work on the original CW2 for Stealthburner?

You need to know that I dont do 3d designing, my skills are from a 3 year old, but it doesn't mean its a bad idea... (I hope)

So I started cutting, adding, printing, testing... fitting.. and came to this... first Alpha, then Apha2 or maybe Beta.. whatever..

Because the tube entry is now wider, it sticks out a bit, so had to shave of a bit from the Guidler, yet, doesnt have any negative effect and you almost cant see it.
On the side its still full width, so you cant see any change looking at the Stealthburner form the front.

Yet... big benefit of using the UM2 clip, I hope someone with Fusion skills or whatever picks this up and makes a good design, yet all tested and works from this STL's.




[a]_guidler_b.UM2-Beta.stl main_body.UM2-Beta.stl

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