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Michael's 1st Build Diary

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Hello again, 

Sorry for the delay in posting something since I did my introduction in January.

< tossed longer and rambling message >

The easy part is done with the frame, gantry, build plate, enclosure. Wiring is ran.

The 3D printed parts kits I had ordered were missing parts. I initially bought "all the printed parts" as a kit from a vendor, to later on realize it did not have the skirts or the screen mount. Ordered the skirt kit from same vendor, only to discover it was not the screen mount for the touch display. Didn't see an option on that person's site to choose the proper screen display. And it did not have the enclosure pieces. Went with a different vendor and got my enclosure parts. Completed the enclosure to again find missing parts - the exhaust grill and hangers for the exhaust fan. Reached out to a few different vendors on etsy. Didn't get replies. I decided to improvise some temporary parts using acrylic. If I can get the printer up and running I can print the few remaining parts using models I found on this site. The 3rd and 4th pictures show the exhaust mount and the touch screen support. The display support will allow me run the printer while not shorting the display on my metal work table.


The printer has the TAP option. I built the ABS mount for it. It doesn't feel right. Something with the magnets and the screws doesn't feel tight enough. I worry that when printing the print head will shift. Tried different magnets from McMaster-Carr, along with different contact screws for the magnets to latch onto. Still felt loose. Then I saw a nice aluminum frame for the TAP, bought that. Waiting for it to arrive - first "upgrade" to be installed before even using the printer.

Now it is time for the part of the project I have been dreading - installing software. Already had a false start when I tried to install the wrong OS. I straighten that out and got the correct software for the BTTpi installed and running. I already erased the SSD once to start over. I am about to do the same once more as I try to find the right instructions/path. I feel like I have missed the correct path.

When I assembled my Ultimaker over a decade ago there was one set of instructions to follow, and the OS and printer code was already on the controller board. Screwed everything together, loaded filament, got my first prints. This time around it has not been a straight forward path. Using the Voron instructions I was able to build the frame and the mechanical parts on the printer. When I started wiring it up I noticed the electronics parts were different from the Voron instructions. The substitutions seem to make sense, and using a few different youtube videos and other sites I am pretty sure it is wired up correctly.

Bought the printer kit in mid September. Started to build it in mid October. Took a break to focus on the holidays, resumed in January. The mechanical build has been done for over a month. I think I should be done by now. The software feels more convoluted. I'll get thru this after I take a little time look around for the rosetta stone that has to be out there.

Thank you for reading this far. And I hope I have posted this correctly

built printer.jpeg


temp filter brackets.jpeg

touch screen on temp mount.jpeg

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1 hour ago, fred_mo_printer said:

Then I saw a nice aluminum frame for the TAP, bought that. Waiting for it to arrive - first "upgrade" to be installed before even using the printer.

You won't regret it - much better than the printed version. Love your color scheme. Very tidy electronics compartment. Shout out if you need help with the software part. Happy programming


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