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Voron 2.4 R2 The forbidden project

Big H

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So I decided to self source Voron 2.4 R2 back in August


I bought most of the parts so far

I am going with 350x350x350 generic cable chains with SB and Rapido 2 HF with BTT Octopus and raspbery Pi 4

Extrusions from Aliexpress

Motion kit from Aliexpress

Pi 4 B2 2GB from Pi Hut


LDO motor kit from Aliexpress

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I checked the frame with a tape measure

Actually two tapes

But my OCPD kept haunting me

So today, I finally went to our local hardware store and got a 100 cm ruler. 

I measured all corners surprisingly all the same. 

Now next step is the hardest for me

The heat insert stuff for the z drive and idler

I might do it tomorrowIMG_20231025_171124.thumb.jpg.582dbe8d63d3bc6a7c6c65f7a5a241ea.jpgIMG_20231025_171144.thumb.jpg.5082a4f7afcd7574ce3e2c20a6a580e7.jpgIMG_20231025_171150.thumb.jpg.7695d3ca5e45f2b8492b2bb9c2c03116.jpgIMG_20231025_171337.thumb.jpg.26ea8a649e394a45281b53485876f3ac.jpg

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