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Formbot Kit for Voron 2.4 R2

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Because I build my printers (v2.4 R2 350mm) from Formbot kits always, and now about 12 build so far, I want to help others thinking about this kit.

Since end of Feb 2022 the kit is shipped with Moons stepping motor for the Stealthburner (round 17mm version)
I have always ordered these separately and these motors are very good and very temperature resistant, I prefer them over LDO motors.

Tip for european people, chose shipping from Czech and when paying with PAypal CHOOSE last moment VALUTA options, choose to pay in dollars! 
This way you DONT use exchange rate from paypal, but your credit card company, this often saves you 70 dollar or more, exchange rate from paypal is insane!!

I dont advise using the default cable kit, while its ok for the electronics bay (perfect actually) the cables are not perfect for the moving parts.
I had cables breaking 2 times, and I now build all printers with the Fermio cable kit, lighter, thinner, and extremely durable, but, its about 125 euro.

Any questions about the kit, happy to help, I can really advise this kit.

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The rails is good, I never replace them, they are definitely not the cheap ones you also can buy on Ali.

the grease channel on the cards works also.

they are full stainless steel.

just clean them a little (they are not highly pre oiled) and grease them with… well, whatever you think is right, so many opinions on this 😂


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@buurman for Lubing the rails what "grease channel on the cards" you mean?  I am struggling to figure out how to re-lube the rails once everything is installed.  Agree they are much better quality than what I got from Ali.  CNCMANS is a global supplier available in Amazon US that I am very pleased with similar quality to LDO at lower price.  The Formbot rails don't have grease zurks or holes...  EP1 seems recommended by Hiwin for normal loads.

My 3rd Formbot kit 2022-07 from 3DPrintersBay out of California.  Still shipped with the old square Afterburner stepper motor. PEI build plate was single side textured, bare steel on the other.  No issues with cast build plate.

The wiring bundle supplied with the kit is thoughtful but misses the mark, the primary wiring was useful, but ditched most of the wiring out to the print head. For some reason, folks tend to way oversize the extruder stepper motor wires; they are only carrying 300-400mA on StealthBurner.  26awg is more than enough.  The wiring kit also contained many wire pairs that were redundant.  For better or worse I went with 19 strand PTFE from ebay to help things slide more easily in the cable chain. Don't combine analog and digital grounds as suggested by some folks elsewhere to save a wire. I struggle paying a chunk of change for a prefabricated wire harness.  Quickly building a harness is pretty easy if you have the "correct" crimping tool (finally found one that totally works IWISS IWS-3220M clone; genuine PA-09 is overpriced junk).

A huge point of warning is to check that all the extrusions are flat and not bowed or twisted.  I used a flat section of my kitchen quartz composite counter top as a reference.  A glass table top is probably not good enough. Can also compare each rail to the others for bowing & twists. In this latest kit, there were 4 lengths of 2020 that have issues. In the very first kit, I had a twisted Y 2020 that took forever to diagnose.  The frame extrusion faces are generally nicely square. 

I struggled to decide to buy the 3rd kit knowing the E stepper & wiring would be tossed.  Still probably a good choice compared to self sourcing.

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