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LDO V0.1 Build


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  • 2 weeks later...

So many updates. I've been away from home for a while but was able to finish  the build before my departure. Things are running well now. Initially I had some binding at the front of the Y axis, but I figured out that was due to the front of the frame bowing outwards. A small tweak to the frame solved this issue for me. Now I'm running into a bit of clogging on the Dragon, but I haven't had the time to fully sort that out. Updates later. Until then, enjoy the rest of the build pics. 

Also, I'm terrible at updating this post. Trying to do better, but until then, if you want more recent updates/progress shots you can follow me over on IG or Twitter @killa_prints



















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One main issue I ran into during the build is with the CNC parts I chose to use vs the ABS printed ones. My XY joiners weren't drilled for the screws that attach it to the 1515 extrusion. So... Ordered the right tap to make my own. Not a huge deal, but an inconvenience and added a couple of days to the build time. All in all, I think I had about 12 hours into the build to get it mechanically functional. Building/Installing Klipper, tuning the ADXL, and messing w/ PA added another 3 hours or so. Just in case anyone wanted to anticipate how much time it takes.

I certainly took my time during the build, and I suggest anyone do the same. Added Blue Loctite to every fastener, not only the ones specified in the manual. I also took time to prep myself for future upgrades by adding in M3 nuts for things like LEDs and a bracket for the ADXL. 

Another small thing I needed to tweak due to the metal parts was the trigger for the Y endstop. A simple M3 nut and screw solved the issue.

Incredibly fun build!


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