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  1. Hey everyone my name is Tim. So this my first venture into the Voron ecosystem! I had one of the original MakerBot Replicator 2x machines when they were brand new. It was cool but I had so much issues with bed adhesion and heat break clogging that I never really got to enjoy it much. That printer didn't even have a down draft fan oiy! Anyway I have been watching allot of you tube all about Vorons and dying to build one. I am also a stay at home Dad with a 3 and 5 year old. So finding an engineering project to chip away at is nice! I also always wished I had built a rep rap back in the day to learn every part of the machine. I coach our Local high school First Robotics team with my friend Joe. (We are team #4546 and my last name is like the duck. One of my students used to watch CSI and the name stuck) Joe bought a CR6-SE last season and has been running those printers not stop and making some pretty nice prints for a $350 printer. I after giving up on the old Rep2x hardware I picked up my own CR6 and installed a PEI sheet. It has the integrated nozzle probe via a strain gauge and it resets its Z just like the Voron printers. I was really happy how reliable it has been. Back to back 24hr prints with no complaints. I wipe the bed with alcohol and hit go. I barley watch the first layer with my current settings. But it is dang slow and I would like to print with more exotic materials (Green Duramatic PLA+ has been great for now) I found a kit for a Voron M4 extruder and printed the parts out super rough. I thought it was going to stink but a few cleaned up holes and it is butter smooth. That got me excited and back on the trident gantry I had printed over the summer when the printer was new. I got my butt in gear and ordered up the parts I was missing have begun mocking up how this thing is going to sit in this Maker Bot Replicator 2 chassis. I Currently have a mini stealth burner and Rapido hot and orbiter v2.0. I also had a Wifi Duet board I had purchased a while ago. So I might as well use the parts I have! Now I just have to decide how I'm going to mount the gantry and make a new cross bar or suspend it from the stock sheet metal. I am kind of treating it like an over grown V0 and It should look like a Replicator 2 from a distance when done but way more cool and fast! I have a bi metal heat break and enclosure ready to install to reprint the parts in ABS. It has been a lot of fun so far. I do want to build a 2.4 x 300 in the near future Its cool to see this wacky idea taking shape!
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