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Fysetc Kit Unboxing


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My first Voron build will be a V2.4 with a spider, after pricing from the build-guide for separate (but higher quality parts) - I chose to try the Fystetc Kit. Since I have not see many reviews of this vendor's kit I thought it would be helpful to the community to show the parts and the "unboxing"

On June 30, 2021, I order a 350mm "PreSale" Fysetc Voron from Aliexpress, It delivered in 3 packages on August 4, 2021, or 36 days from order to delivery in Ohio. Below is a gallery of the contents of the kit. For some reason they sent a second heating pad separate from everything else and it is pictured separately. 

I will be creating a build dairy to follow along step by step. If there are any questions on the Kit itself I would be more than glad to answer them!

A few initial take aways...

  • Spider 1.0 baord (not 1.1)
  • Appears to be legit Gates Belts
  • Appears to have a genuine MeanWell power supply, but it does come from China, so who knows.
  • Screws/bolts are all covered in oil, standard Chinese fare.
  • HotEnd is a clone (obviously)
  • RaspPi seems legit as well.

Images in the gallery have Package "Letters" for identification, these were written by me to help keep track of parts and location, Additionally it give an easy way to point out or find parts for any additional discussion on this TeamFDM community.


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