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Voron 2.4 gantry dragging on X axis



I finally have my voron running and printing but like Frankenstein thought. Head arms body apart but breathing... Haha.

So I keep pumping printing PLA for most of the mod I wanna try.

It came out ok for me each part.

But the time spent quite long which it supposed to because I havent done any tuning...

But I tried to move gantry by hand I realized Y is smooth but X has some drag...

I did de ragging fixed once earlier in the build. I fixed it.

Moving back and forth the toolhead didnt move sideway.

I checked the belt behind the printer its all in place.

So what have i missed?


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Since i dont know what normal v2 gantry suppose to feel.

So i thought the drag was something my false with something.


So i remove everything and tightening the belt. 

Feel similar as b4 or even more drag.

So i figure this is just the step motor pulling just like the z motor.

Just curious why Y axis doesn't feel draging from motor?

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