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V0 / V0.1 drop in nuts for 1515 extrusions (maybe the smallest mod ever...)

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Am i the only one, who didn´t want to rip the printer apart, just to "preload" another few nuts into these 1515 extrusions? Let´s open new horizons with the smallest mod ever 😁

All you need are 4-sided M3 Nuts (the flat ones) 5.5x5.5x1.8mm (like DIN 562), one standard nut and a very long M3 screw (and some kind of grinder of course).

1st screw the standard nut onto the screw (leave 2-3mm of the thread sticking out. Then mount the flat nut, don´t let the thread stick out and lock the two nuts together. What you have now is just a "tool" to securely hold the nut against a grinding tool (bench grinder, belt grinder, even a dremel will do...).

Grind a bevel (around 45°) on two opposite sides of the nut, "unlock" it and you´re ready to go... Just drop it into the extrusion (bevels facing down) 🙂

Maybe this saves some hours of time and keeps some printers alive 😉



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