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Bigtreetech U2C & EBB42 Canbus board firmware



Hello, I just upgraded my Voron 2.4 with the U2C canbus interface and the EBB42 Canbus board. I need to get theCanbus speed up to 500000 to able able to use the onboard accelerometer for Klipper input shaping. Can anyone provide clear instructions how to build this firmware for the U2C? The Candlelight github page does not give enough details for me. A procompiled firmware for U2C at 500K would also be great.

I designed a mount for the EBB42 for the Afterburner printhead. It can be found here:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5559591

There is another mount available on Thingiverse, but that created a bad interference with the drag chain. It was also sticking out to much, causing interference with the gantry drag chain while homing. 

EBB42 mount - 1.jpeg

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Never mind, I found my answer. Turns out the U2C firmware has no fixed speed setting. I just had to change the firmware on the EBB42 to 500K and set the communication file on the Pi to 500K as well and it working! 

In my search I found a link to: https://canable.io/updater/canable1.html in a YouTube video showing how he used this website to upload the candlelight firmware to the U2C. You click on the Updater tab on the top right of the website and then select the bottom products. The choose the firmware you want to flash, connect the U2C in DFU mode and flash it.

I was able to complete the input shaping tests using the on board ADXL345 chip. 

Do the graphs look ok?



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