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Voron 2.4 Spider 1.0 & BTT 2209 Wiring Diagram/Guide

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While researching wiring diagrams for my upcoming 2.4 build I ran across an important document for those using a Fysetc Spider board in their build. The document is specific to using the Spider Board for a Voron 2.4 Build and references the Fysetc Github page for .cfg files, that can be found here... https://github.com/FYSETC/FYSETC-SPIDER  

Klipper Config - https://github.com/FYSETC/FYSETC-SPIDER/tree/main/firmware/Klipper
Marlin Config - https://github.com/FYSETC/FYSETC-SPIDER/tree/main/firmware/Marlin


Voron 2.4 Spider Wiring Diagram




I was unable to locate the original author, if that is you please let me know so I can give you credit!


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For me it seems that the marlin firmware is not properly configured. Number or Z steppers is set to 1 and if I set it to 4 then it complains that there is not enough drives. I was changing the pins but then I bumped into new issues.

Has anyone uploaded the firmware as is and worked fine for all Z drives? 

#define NUM_Z_STEPPER_DRIVERS 1 // (1-4) Z options change based on how many






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